Black Or White Poem by Preetam Shetty

Black Or White

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Standing with the crowd
Why can I not be proud?
Since ages I have been differed
For the reason I am colored

My existence is similar to you
I sleep, I drink, I chew
Even I have an insight
It’s just that I am dark; you’re light

Don’t look at me with disgust
We dwell on the same crust
I ask you will it be right
To say we need day and no night

If you are a gem to your mother
I am a loved one too, my brother
I deserve no hate or despect
I am a human, please respect

To me and you a time will come
A day in the divine kingdom
A judgment without respite
For he sees no Black or White

Amy Martin 18 May 2010

Excellent! I Really Enjoyed This! Very Good Use Of Words And Alot Of Emotion :) x

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Ashmita Saha 18 May 2010

this poem perfectly expresses dat being black is nt bad......... nycly written...keep writing!

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Konstantin Filipov 18 May 2010

So beautiful and yet there is a pinch of sadness in your words, thanks for sharing and I hope you get the respect from other people that you deserve.

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Tsg Mahlangu 18 May 2010

Black or white, you are loved and I am loved aswell, oh man you just revealed the fact that we are all human, I thinks from the moment a person discriminates he or she loses his or her power of being a human, yep he or she will be a less human because hi/she will by then have lost the value and 1 quality of being a human and that is to see everybody as equal and aonly as human nothing more and nothing less, thanks to you for the good poem, keep up.

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Gita Ashok 18 May 2010

A very good theme that is beautifully expressed. Keep writing!

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Anita Trivedi 04 November 2011

Beautiful....... One of your best writing...... I loved the topic n way of writing.. Keep it up....... All best wishes.......

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Hans Vr 26 May 2010

Dear Preetam, Completely agree. Color of skin does not matter at all. I have a lot of wondreful friends with a very dark skin. We are all children of one and the same God. When Einstein said: 'There are only two things infinite: 1. the universe and 2. the stupidity of humans, Just I am not sure about the universe.' I am sure he was thinking about these people who feel superior just because of their (usually white) colour. Discrimination is one of the biggest disgraces for humanity.

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Unwritten Soul 21 May 2010

We maybe different race and appearance but we are all the same... I don't care u are dark or black my friend, Preetam because u are bright inner/inside...It is better than having white skin but dark inside....Our appearance is just a mask what the real thing is what we have inside...I respect u, u are right...Keep writing something good and real like this...

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Gillena Cox 19 May 2010

well claimed your unversal space, well written

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Amrit Rathi 19 May 2010

It simply great! [If you are a gem to your mother I am a loved one too, my brother I deserve no hate or despect I am a human, please respect]

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