Bonaparte Poem by Brian Dorn


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Searching words in puzzle mazes
Guessing letters in cryptic phrases
Solving clues across and down
Mixing jumbles with pronouns

All her statements contradicting
Making promises, seldom sticking
Nixing kisses with odd looks
All caught up in romance books

Cold as ice yet sweet as wine
Faking sick but feeling fine
Duping me with pouty lips
Baiting me in Freudian slips

Strange how she can pull me in
Cheating me so she can win
Switching sides of my heart
Turning tides like Bonaparte

Always reason to battle wits
Sometimes prone to passive fits
Nothing ever simply stated
Everything all complicated

M S 18 November 2006

Sounds like you have met your Waterloo... Poem has a catchy beat to it, liked it a lot, Brian

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alice sunderland 16 November 2006

dump her! (only kiddin') it does describe the 'situation' wonderfully. al.

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Will Barber 17 October 2006

This is fine write - I especially admire your terseness and original imagery. The crafty Buonaparte specialised in appearing where he was not expected. A complex and haunting write. - Will

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Understood. It's that situation that makes you feel like your blood flows both ways at once. Esra

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Heather Moreton 02 October 2006

Hi Brian, excellent.. very clever use of words and captures wonderfully the complications which relationships often bring...well done.

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Melvina Germain 31 August 2007

You definitely captured this, however love games are very dangerous games to play.--Melvina--

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Virginie Guillemette 23 March 2007

i know this game. it's never fun, and no-one wins. lovely way to capture it all with words though. nice job.: -) Virginie

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Not a member No 4 31 December 2006

That's why we love them! And when you finally work it out and think you've captured her heart for sure, that's exactly when you'll lose it. It's the sweetest game. Great representative wordplay.Clever, clear and concise.

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Persa Corbalokovic 08 December 2006

dump her and take me! just kidding, brian - i like how my tongue works when telling this one. great craft!

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Asma Bahrainwala 22 November 2006

hey brian.. this is an interesting poem...cleverly penned... excellent! Asma...

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