Dying For Power Poem by Brian Dorn

Dying For Power

Rating: 4.5

Fighting wars just like before
Hate to think how many more
Hour by hour, dying for power
Digging graves and laying flowers
killing men again and again
That's the way its always been

Diana Poems 11 July 2006

This is very well written Brian. It has a strong but true message. The only thing I notice about your poem is that you state 'killing men over and over'- more women each year are in wars now too, but I get your point overall. Just don't forget about the women too :) Great poem and great point, I love it.

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Ruby Root 13 July 2006

True Poem, Brian and very sad. Our world seems to always at war. Excellent.

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Arti Chopra 06 September 2006

says so much in just a few lines...very effective...well done and thanks for your encouraging comments.. arti

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Esther Leclerc 02 October 2006

Another I thought I'd commented on, Brian. Sad truth here, esp. for those who serve. Tersely, perfectly put...

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Mary Das 27 November 2006

Very deep in meaning. A kind of sadness when I read this poem. Well written.

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Mahtab Bangalee 25 July 2019

fantastic writings- Hour by hour, dying for power Digging graves and laying flowers/// superb

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Matt Greenblatt 28 April 2007

well put. to steal a quote from dennis miller it was 'eloquent in its brevity.'

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Sandy Jensen 10 February 2007

how do you do it? you say so much with so few words.

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Melvina Germain 07 February 2007

This poem speaks of tragedy, lives lost. Very poweful statements, ones we must never forget. A reminder every now and then is crucial, we must not forget these brave men. Brian you are a master of portraying a very powerful poem with the use of so few words. BRAVO! ! ! --Melvina--

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Not a member No 4 10 December 2006

As usual, not a word wasted. In the dictionary of opposites under Brian Dorn you'll find my name! I would have taken 10 pages to say this. That's why yours have impact. Brilliant. We need to be reminded of this truth Brain, so that maybe someday it can be acted on. Thanks jim

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