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(book #11) : Sheila And Clifford: The Honeymoon (Part 1) …… (And Violet & Ike, Again!) - Poem by Bri Edwards

Chapter 41
[Clifford speaks]:
We’d already planned to return to The Bahamas together.
Now it would be our Honeymoon. We so enjoyed the weather.
No two bedrooms did we need this time. One big bed would do.
Late November found us winging southward. Yes, indeed, we flew.

We planned to stay in the same town, in a little rented house.
With no neighbors sharing walls this time, no need to tiptoe like a mouse.
We still had access to a sandy beach. Sheila brought her string bikini.
We ate “American” (steak with fries) , and “Italian” (eggplant and linguini) .

We rented bikes again and got our share of sun.
We did some more bar hoping and had a load of fun.
Sheila surprised me a bit on the flight down when she suggested this:
“Cliff would you mind eating at Ike and Vi’s “Topaz” again? I love their fish.”

They were good people I thought, despite that awkward night.
What could go wrong while eating at their restaurant? Am I right?
So the second evening of our one week stay, off we went to dine.
If we got the fish Sheila wanted, I thought we would do fine.

[Sheila speaks]:
I had thought about Vi and Ike (or was it Ike and Vi?) for a year.
Not every day, mind you, but enough. And it felt very, very queer.
I’d had some good times with them BOTH in my “Bahamas days”,
but now, married, it seemed (almost) crazy to return …… to those wild ways.

I’d written once to Violet, responding to her last year’s note.
And (not telling Cliff) I’d called her to tell her [I quote]:
“We did it! We got married! ! We’re honeymooning there.
I’m so happy now with Cliff, but I miss you. I do swear.”

Almost as soon as I’d spoken them, I did regret those words.
There are some things people want, which can make them feel like turds.
I’d enjoyed the partner-swapping …….., encouraged by my use of grass,
and Ike was “hung like a horse’…………, but Vi had the cuter ass.

Chapter 42
[Vi speaks]:
Ike and I were sometimes swappers, but we truly loved each other.
Sure I f++d his cousin at one party, but I did not f++k Ike’s brother.
It may have seemed strange how we behaved ………[to some eyes],
but we were discreet enough ……., and to each other told NO lies.

What could be more natural than having sex with a willing guest?
We “enjoyed” each other, but sex-swapping......added a bit of zest ….. what can (now and then) become dull and boring,
resulting, at times, in lackluster sex and EVEN snoring!

Ike was NOT into sex with guys, BUT didn’t seem to mind ….
when I had sex with female guests ………, which weren’t TOO hard to find.
Most of them took a turn with Ike as well, before or after me.
He liked to watch as I made women come, especially when it was ….“hands-free”.

Sheila had dined at our restaurant (twice I think) ……..
before I got to pull her panties down ………and explore her ‘pink’.
She was a guest at our home, paired with a friend of Ike.
We ALL ENJOYED her; there was NOTHING we did she did not like.

On her next visit to The Bahamas, she picked out her own date.
Three more times she partied with us, and lots of fish she ate.
One of those times it took two joints …………to get her date to play,
but after I’d finished with him …………, he was shouting out “Ole’! ”

Chapter 43
[Sheila speaks]:
Well, now you’ve heard how, in my 20’s ……., I had “fooled around”.
But in 1991 I was finally married; the man for me I’d found.
Yet STILL, though a newlywed, I sort of craved the thrill ………
that a honeymooning-husband …………..COULD NOT fulfill.

Here was my dilemma: “Should I confide in Cliff or not? ”
I knew Cliff loved good sex, and I knew he liked Vi (a lot) .
I knew our awkward moments a year ago might NOT mean ….
that if he had a chance to swap ………, Cliff would not be keen.

What would you Readers do, if YOU had been ME?
Would you risk an upset honeymoon, OR choose to be “risk-free”? ?

[Clifford speaks]:
Sheila’s “on the money” when she says I loved good sex.
She had many ways to turn me on, such as nibbling on my ‘pecs’,
AND mentioning the night I saw Vi’s breast ……that one awkward night.
If I’d known Sheila would approve, f++king Vi would have seemed alright!

As it happened, back in 1990, I’m glad Sheila rescued me …..
from the temptress, Violet. Don’t you Readers all agree? ?
I think Sheila and I had expressed our love by then,
for each other. Marriage seemed ALMOST certain. But when?
And so, without rings and vows, and with swapping un-discussed,
it was much “safer” that we said “Goodnight”. In fact it was a “must”.

A year later (I’ll now admit) when Sheila mentioned Ike and Vi ……,
and going to Topaz, ……….I got excited …………, and I knew WHY.
I loved Sheila, and respected her; she was my ‘Playboy Bunny’,
but I’ve always found thin black women appealing. Don’t laugh…………; it ain’t funny!

When I first met Vi and Ike at Topaz, we had a pleasant outing,
but when we excused ourselves from their home, I think all four of us were pouting.

(early 2015)

[to be continued in “(BOOK # 12) : Sheila And Clifford: The Honeymoon (part 2) , and More About Violet and Ike; Sheila confronts Cliff”]

Topic(s) of this poem: sexuality

Poet's Notes about The Poem

This episode of the life of 'Sheila And Clifford' is an ongoing story. previous chapters (i hope) will always be available on good old PoemHunter.

the next episode will be entitled something like:

“(BOOK # 12) : Sheila And Clifford: The Honeymoon (part 2) , and More About Violet and Ike; Sheila confronts Cliff”

bri :)

Comments about (book #11) : Sheila And Clifford: The Honeymoon (Part 1) …… (And Violet & Ike, Again!) by Bri Edwards

  • (6/12/2017 12:50:00 PM)

    So much subtext here. Sure, it's clear what's going on at surface level, but what meaning beneath these words! ! ? ! ! . And No two bedrooms! ! ! I should hope not. This is the honeymoon! ! ! ! (Report) Reply

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  • Annette Aitken (8/25/2016 7:32:00 AM)

    It's not for everyone but each to their own as I say... (Report) Reply

  • (8/5/2016 3:55:00 PM)

    The train is picking up speed. A crash looks on but you never know.Never come across swapping. Not sure how I'd feel. Sounds like a very big gamble. I am intrigued to see how this runs.
    (Report) Reply

  • Darlene Walsh (4/17/2015 8:57:00 PM)

    Finally got around to catching up on Sheila and Cliff. Enjoying the story very much. Only have a few comments on this round of reading (book 5 - 11) , so I put them all here.

    5th book
    I especially liked the mention of bike rides and watching ducks, Bob and I do that too, when we have time.

    'I learned Sheila loved black and white movies, especially ones very scary.'
    Me too :)

    'a large pizza, each half made to (each of us) suit.'
    For me, mushrooms, black olives, and if I'm really hungry (I always am LOL) , sometimes sausage.

    6th book
    chap 29
    'Often the four of us, a meal would share.'
    Sheila and her parents = 3? Oh Fred - OK.
    My brother is autistic, so I can relate to this part of the story.

    Cliff 'Sexton', that's different.

    'It was 1990 '
    25 years ago, this could be a VERY long story lol, and looking forward to all of it.

    Book # 7
    'She wondered if I would be a character in my new book, '
    I think this would be better if 'she would be a character'

    BOOK# 11
    Chapter 41
    'We did some more bar hoping and had a load of fun.'
    hoping should be hopping, did I find a typo, I'm so proud of myself :)

    Chapter 43
    'What would you Readers do, if YOU had been ME? '
    It wouldn't be an issue for me, I could never even consider 'swapping', I'm VERY content with Bob :)

    Darla :)
    (Report) Reply

  • Lyn Paul (4/2/2015 7:53:00 PM)

    Crikey...... Was not expecting this for my wake up poem. My eyes are now WIDE Opened. Your character shines in these words. You really should do stand up. Thank You Bri (Report) Reply

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