'Mashed Potatoes'......[ Personal; Autobiographical; Short] Poem by Bri Edwards

'Mashed Potatoes'......[ Personal; Autobiographical; Short]

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Memory of Thanksgiving: Gravy with... mashed potatoes.
Sandwich of my Youth: Bacon and lettuce.... with tomatoes.
Jobs I've had: Nurses' aide, clerk, .... and truck driver.
Athletes I'll never be: Quarterback, boxer, and high diver.

A unique sport I play: Catching typos made by ME & you! !
Yes, in line one I at first had 'Gravey'; yes, it's TRUE!

Bad decisions I have made: I can't think of any [maybe one].
Overrated (to me) activities: Exercising and 'having fun'.
Movies I've loved: Tootsie, Legally Blonde, & Mrs. Doubtfire.
Words I've rarely been called: 'Impolite' and...... 'a liar'.

Helped make me who I am: Mom, Scouts, and Church.
Trees I have climbed: Spruce, Maple, Oak (not birch) .
(Possible) faults of mine: Only one: being too LOUD.
Traits I do NOT have: Being lazy; being too proud.

Why I write poems: To amuse, and to have... a life less boring.
What I'll do tonight: Sleeping and (of course) lots of snoring.

(Nov.2nd, 2016)

Friday, May 5, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: me
Kim Barney kindly notified me of the grave error i made at fist in line one.

Of course, i HAD suddenly thought last night, while lying in bed (with nothing better to think about, while cuddling my Teddy Bear) , : 'Bri! Did you (that's me) make an error in spelling yesterday? ? ? Did i really put an 'e' into gravy! ? '

before i had a chance to check today.............[the poem had, by this afternoon, received at least 9 'hits', probably all from an incredulous Kim Barney]......
i was TOO LATE to avoid detection before i could make a correction.

: ( bri

bri :) ;)

at least i did not spell it 'greavy'.
Loke Kok Yee 14 May 2017

I read through your confession but remained unconvinced For your savage appraisals had made most poets winced And thanks to Kim and I, sometimes you are put in place But in spite of all your flaws as a poet you're still an ace Thanks Bri, you're great fun

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Bharati Nayak 10 May 2017

A character sketch drawn so nicely- - -

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Kim Barney 07 May 2017

Is gravey the same as gravy? Or is it maybe an adjective meaning that something is similar to a grave? :)

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Rajnish Manga 06 May 2017

Thanks for sharing this mini autobiographical and introspective poem.

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Valsa George 14 May 2017

A unique sport I play: Catching typos made by ME & you! ! Through that sport of yours we are all benefited in one way. But it makes us a little scared of you. Each time before posting a poem, I check for the typos as I am afraid that even a minor error will be caught by Bri's hawk eyes! Because of you all of us are alerted to take a minimum precaution! ! However you have a sweet way that no one will be irritated or offended by your words.....! 5/14/2017 7: 13: 00 AM

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Cowboy Ron Williams 23 November 2022

You've only made one bad decision in your life? But you've been married four times...

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Julia Luber 01 August 2019

Funny guy. I have been both a truck driver and a building department clerk myself. I enjoy your sense of humor!

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Mj Lemon 03 March 2019

Aahhhh...life is a mash of so many things. We can savour the elements, and give thanks! This one goes to myfavourites.

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Bri Edwards 09 December 2018

hearts..shall shroud [aka conceal] surety [aka the state of being sure or certain of something]. is THAT what you mean, whatever THAT means? ? ? ? ? ! it's not easy for me to reconcile the poem's words with the topic courage, but certainly you've managed alliterations galore, with (i think) perfect grammar (except for not capitalizing hearts and not punctuating the sentence, things we 'poets' can get away with using poetic license....i think. bri (:

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Tomas Prato 28 November 2018

I agree with Tom Billsborough. Great poem. PS. I hate Mrs Doubtfire.

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