'Mashed Potatoes'......[ Personal; Autobiographical; Short] Poem by Bri Edwards

'Mashed Potatoes'......[ Personal; Autobiographical; Short]

Rating: 4.7

Memory of Thanksgiving: Gravy with... mashed potatoes.
Sandwich of my Youth: Bacon and lettuce.... with tomatoes.
Jobs I've had: Nurses' aide, clerk, .... and truck driver.
Athletes I'll never be: Quarterback, boxer, and high diver.

A unique sport I play: Catching typos made by ME & you! !
Yes, in line one I at first had 'Gravey'; yes, it's TRUE!

Bad decisions I have made: I can't think of any [maybe one].
Overrated (to me) activities: Exercising and 'having fun'.
Movies I've loved: Tootsie, Legally Blonde, & Mrs. Doubtfire.
Words I've rarely been called: 'Impolite' and...... 'a liar'.

Helped make me who I am: Mom, Scouts, and Church.
Trees I have climbed: Spruce, Maple, Oak (not birch) .
(Possible) faults of mine: Only one: being too LOUD.
Traits I do NOT have: Being lazy; being too proud.

Why I write poems: To amuse, and to have... a life less boring.
What I'll do tonight: Sleeping and (of course) lots of snoring.

(Nov.2nd, 2016)

Friday, May 5, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: me
Kim Barney kindly notified me of the grave error i made at fist in line one.

Of course, i HAD suddenly thought last night, while lying in bed (with nothing better to think about, while cuddling my Teddy Bear) , : 'Bri! Did you (that's me) make an error in spelling yesterday? ? ? Did i really put an 'e' into gravy! ? '

before i had a chance to check today.............[the poem had, by this afternoon, received at least 9 'hits', probably all from an incredulous Kim Barney]......
i was TOO LATE to avoid detection before i could make a correction.

: ( bri

bri :) ;)

at least i did not spell it 'greavy'.
Kim Barney 07 May 2017

Is gravey the same as gravy? Or is it maybe an adjective meaning that something is similar to a grave? :)

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Bri Edwards 30 June 2023

Kim, you are correct on BOTH counts. Yes! !

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Bharati Nayak 16 March 2024

An interesting poem with interesting comments from fellow poets gave me good reasons to smile.

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Bri Edwards 08 January 2024

Damn, I wish I could give this {{MY POEM}} 5 stars, ...BUT I already DID. I wonder if PH would notice IF I were/was to try giving it 10/ten/********** stars. Hmmm? ?

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Jim McGill 29 June 2023

You mean ‘gravey' is not how you spul it?

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Bri Edwards 16 September 2023

Noooooooo! I don't THINK so. ;) thanks for question/comment. : ) bri

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Bri Edwards 22 June 2023

I'm sending this to a few GOOD FRIENDS (none are on PH) today. : ) bri

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Cowboy Ron Williams 23 November 2022

You've only made one bad decision in your life? But you've been married four times...

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Bri Edwards 30 June 2023

Ron, you are correct on both 'points'. : )))

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Bri Edwards 22 June 2023

Marriages take my mind off of OTHER PROBLEMS! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! : )))))))))

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