(book # 16) : Sheila And Clifford: Sheila's New Office & Pregnancy ….[ Chapters 49 And 50 Of A Continuing(?) Saga From Bri's Brain; Surprise 'ending'? ? ] Poem by Bri Edwards

(book # 16) : Sheila And Clifford: Sheila's New Office & Pregnancy ….[ Chapters 49 And 50 Of A Continuing(?) Saga From Bri's Brain; Surprise 'ending'? ? ]

Chapter 49
[Sheila Speaks]:


[Bri speaks, really]:

Sheila is dead now; this is Bri Edwards speaking.
Cliff died also ….as their life together was just peaking. A lack of reader interest on PH and ………..a lack of my time.... conspired to bring to a sudden
end [for now at least] this rhyme.


(sometime in April 2015)

p.s. more has been written but WILL take some time for me to get around to typing.

PH's M.J. Lemon is threatening to keep reminding me to DO IT!

KEEP READING..........below! ! !


OK! I think M.J. Lemon gave up, BUT I finally gave in and resurrected Sheila and Clifford for at least one more 'book'. This is all I've written to date and it may REALLY stop here. REALLY! I think it is a good place. Do you? ? Don't you! ?


Chapter 49 of 'Sheila and Clifford'

Sheila speaks:

Some advertising and ‘word of mouth' (including Cliff's) did quite well,
and from our opening day our stream of tax clients did swELL.
I'd started the Darien office with two part-timers and me.
We had five private rooms, but at first we only needed three.

That's not counting a reception area and a unisex bathroom,
a small employees' kitchenette, and a utility closet ….WITH broom.
My first employees were Doris, a ‘retired' sixtyish untiring CPA,
and Bob, a recent Masters in Accounting/Taxes. He was ‘On his WAY …..
Up! '

At first I drove to ‘The City' and worked at my Bronx office Friday and Monday,
staying at 'my apartment' at Mom-and-Dad's on Saturday and Sunday.
Usually Cliff would join me Friday or Saturday and stay a night or two.
It was there I conceived. Wow! Being ‘pregnant-AND-married' sure was NEW …..
to me!

Chapter 50

Sheila keeps speaking; well, she IS a woman! ! !

As was mentioned before, I'd had two abortions before I met my hubby.
Planned Parenthood doctors ‘uncomplicated' my life THEN, before I got chubby.

But NOW I was prepared for a child and looked forward to being 'chubby'.
By August '93 I'd had my first sonogram, accompanied by my 'hubby'.
I started having regular check-ups at 'my' doctor's office, OB-GYN.
We both read books on what to expect while pregnant, …..AND 'when'.

It was nice to go without my monthly periods, ‘that's for SURE'!
Except for some 'Morning Sickness' …[for which I found no 'cure'] ….,
I had an easy time of it compared to some 'unlucky' women I knew.
It was great to hear the fetal heartbeat, and watch as my belly grew.

And living in an area of Connecticut with a winter fairly mild,
not too cold OR too warm, was nice while I was 'with child',
though I had to stop wearing ‘Heels' and watch out for ice,
as a tumble while seven or more months pregnant would NOT be nice!

We learned that our Spring-baby would be a ‘beautiful bouncing boy',
and when my brother Fred found out, he almost ‘danced with joy'.
Maybe it was because Fred is so fond of blue? ; I really don't know.
Cliff and I chose ‘Natural Childbirth' and to Lamaze classes we did go.

(written: about March 2016; typed AND edited more: July & August 2017)

Monday, July 10, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: baby,marriage,relationship,work
if anyone BESIDES m.j.LEMON reads this, please let me know. Thanks.

bri edwards aka (in the real world) Brian Edward Whitaker

:) :)
Valsa George 22 July 2017

Does it have previous chapters.... I am curious to know! I enjoyed reading this one! You shouldn't have killed them for lack of reader response....! Many would have been reading their poems, but might not have been posting any comments either because they were lazy to do so, or it could be out of jealousy!

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Mj Lemon 11 July 2017

Bri, What can I say....that ending was abrupt. And sudden. And unexpected. Too sudden. Mark Twain once said something about remarks made about his own death. I hope that Cliff and Sheila will be able to utter similar words.

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Bharati Nayak 11 July 2017

A lack of readers interest kills the spirit of the poet to write.I hope, those who read poems should try to give as many comments as possible.Even when a poem is read, if there is no comment the poet can not usually know that it has been read and appreciated by the readers.Thanks Bri Edward for being a good reader and critic besides being a good poet.

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Mj Lemon 22 August 2017

I see...when I returned to this, I stopped reading right after the first part. I just assumed that was the end...the end of Clifford and Sheila. Now I see there is in fact a new beginning....the promise of new life. So there is the life cycle....from death, to birth! ! Sheila and Clifford rise! I look forward to more.....

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Bharati Nayak 13 August 2017

Sheila and Clifford going in the family way.My best wishes! !

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Savita Tyagi 13 August 2017

Now you got a new beginning for life. After all every thing goes in cycle. This new phase of life for Sheila would be challenging and I am sure Bri's words can make it exciting.

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Bri Edwards 13 August 2017

THE FOUR COMMENTS below, BEFORE THIS ONE FROM ME, were left when Sheila and Clifford were 'still dead'. :) bri i shall send those four readers the rest of it now, or notice that it is available.

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Savita Tyagi 25 July 2017

I had read some of those chapters but always read more of your other poems. But this ending is surprising. Not in Bri's style. Come on! Put some spark in it. Bri's style! May be not me but I am sure you have many others enjoying the sequel! Hope you are doing well!

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