Breaking Up Poem by Craig Mize

Breaking Up

Rating: 4.3

Getting love is hard to do

It will leave you sad, lonely, and blue

You cry until you can't cry no more

Then you'll pray that she'll knock at the door

She'll love you today and forget about you tomorrow

Leaving you nothing, but a night filled with sorrow

But this is ending, it is ending for me

I have opened my eyes and I've begun to see

All my days of loniness have finally reached an end

Lonely days and empty nights, won't be my only friend

It seems that the time has come for us to part

It will hurt, but it won't break my heart

Gita Ashok 18 June 2010

Nice and simple. I like the positive note of reconciliation on which you have ended the poem. Keep writing and sharing.

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Jac Harper 26 December 2012

You had me at the first line. Great poem.

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Jenny-lynn Lavoie 26 April 2011

i love this poem i think its amazing the part at the end ' it will hurt but won't brake my heart ' gave me goose bumps 10/10 i can't wait to read more of your poems: >)

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Jennifer K 03 July 2010

im sure a lot of people envy your ability to look positively on this kind of thing. Nicely written. =]

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Judith Mwombeki 25 June 2010

ts ril gud i like it ua ril blessed

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Kate Frost 19 June 2010

I really enjoy reading this poem.. Neatly written. Kate. :)

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