Brightest Star Poem by Ayman Parray

Brightest Star

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Destiny has taken away your brightest star
No words of solace can heal this scar
Such nobility and gentleness in his face
Blessed are those who stood in the shadow of his grace
A father to you and a dear friend to many
His companionship was cherished by all
For your broken will to mend,
Time and space God shall bend in the end
Your brightest star watches over you from afar
Whenever you miss him just search in your heart

Sunday, July 12, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: death,funeral
For Ravinder Pal Singh (Vinny) , our dearest friend
Mike Smith 14 February 2016

A nice piece on accepting loss. It's never easy when someone we care for is taken from us, but it is important to remember that those lost live on through us, in our hearts and memories. It is obvious you care deeply about your friend. He's lucky to have you as he works through the acceptance of his fathers passing

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Akhtar Jawad 26 December 2015

Apparently a memory of a lost friend but in fact teaching us that there is a brighter life after death that has no end and a heaven where we shall meet again our dear ones.

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Ayman Parray 27 December 2015

Yes, Akhtar Sahib. The poem is for Vinny my childhood family friend. It was his father who passed away. Vinny wrote on his fb I have stopped watching the night sky, as destiny has taken away my brightest star. The poem is based on his words and is a humble tribute to him and his noble father(who I believe we shall all meet in the next life) .

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Valsa George 14 August 2015

This poem of consolation over the death of someone very close (father?) to your friend can be a balm to your grieving friend! The words are well chosen and give the feel that they come from your heart! A Great write in simplicity and genuineness of feelings, Ayman!

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Ayman Parray 16 August 2015

Thank you Valsa. Vinny is a great childhood friend and his father was a great man.

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Kumarmani Mahakul 10 August 2015

A beautiful tribute so nicely envisioned and presented. I like most the lines are... For your broken will to mend, Time and space God shall bend in the end. Thanks for sharing. ....10

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Ayman Parray 10 August 2015

Thank you Kumarmani for appreciating this tribute for my dear friend.

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Kelly Kurt 12 July 2015

A beautiful tribute, Ayman. He must have been a very special man. You have my condolences and prayers. Peace

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Ayman Parray 13 July 2015

A very special man indeed. Thanks a lot, Kelly

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