Bring Me The Felucca Poem by Ellias Anderson Jr.

Bring Me The Felucca

Rating: 5.0

In the highest part of the blue-black sky
Where you will see the real truth without any lie
An organic organ just dies….

Falling down from sky a dead thing
That thing was carrying a wealthy golden but dim ring
But the ring sink in the ocean under the sky and went down, it touched the depth part of ocean, ping...Ping...Piiing…

The world under sea had a noble captain
Who was always living with pain? ! ! ? ? ?
Then he found that ring, For him….it was a great gain..

That hero called, Captain Cur
A pirate one, but he was fair
He wore that ring; he became the king of there

The seas, the oceans, the blue brilliant seas were controlled by his hands
He made a great group, a unique band
From the depth of sea to the shore's sands

He ordered 'BRING ME THE FELUCCA' a saintly boat
After a great feast, he wore his unique coat
Then put two feet on a nicely place, but he left a note

The note said: when you become a king or a powerful creature
You should protect poor and flesh people, because it's a gift from nature
There you can live with peace to the end; you can make a brilliant future!

I offer this poem and story to one of the great poet here. he will know it, dear Captain Cur. i hope you enjoy it dear Captain.

i hope you enj

The element of optimism is good indeed. But in reality the saviour keeps himself aloof. All the best young Ellias Anderson

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Eindaray Kyaw 31 August 2012

Really wonderful...I am sure that Captain Cur will praise you a lot!

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Dave Walker 01 September 2012

A fantastic poem, like it.

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Negar Gorji 14 February 2013

superb ellias. i see bright Future for you. i wait for the next chapter of your story. lol.....

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Terry O'leary 12 September 2012

Again a good poem with a message! I like it... Terry

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Captain Cur 03 September 2012

I do enjoy your poetry young Ellias. You honor me with your words. You know I can only control the seas in my imagination, as do all writers. It is here that we become Kings, Queens, Lords, noble warriors and Captains. I remember when you first contacted me and I saw the large plane in the background. You wanted to know if I traveled. I never fly, I only sail the seas of my imagination. One day I hope you become a pilot and fly that beautiful bird. You are welcome to sail with me, my young friend and of course we will invite Unwritten Soul. But remember the parrot is really in charge, and beware of Pirate Girl, she can be trouble sometimes.

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Unwritten Soul 03 September 2012

Captain Cur is my fav pirate for all times, no pirates like him not even close...He is a good one :) even in wavy and stormy shaky my life i feel safe with him, because he is a good captain_Unwritten Soul

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Nader Baheri 01 September 2012

I really enjoyed.especially the irony in it.(Captain Cur) . also love the end of your poem. tnx

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Ellias Anderson Jr.

Ellias Anderson Jr.

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