Broken Hopes Poem by Afzal Shauq

Broken Hopes

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I move on...
Exhaustion plagues me
Sweet thoughts...
comes to my heart.
Taking my broken hopes,
heavy the bundle,
upon my weak shoulders.
I proceed slowly
stumbling as I go.
Poem In Pashto By: Afzal Shauq
Translated in English By: Alley Boling
Book: 'TWIST OF FATES' Poem No.252/Page.325
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Mimi Brown 15 August 2009

First, thank you for your message to me, I appreciate it, and second, This is a wonderful poem. One can feel the weight as ' I shamble' Heartfelt.10!

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Wida Tausif 08 August 2009

hi, the poem is really touching, i enjoyed reading it sooooooo much. it made me feel abit sad as it reminded me of my broken hopes. the poem sounds like that u have broken you? ? ? ? ? ? it's just wonderful, i dont know what else to say to be honest, i've ran out of words. You are such a talented poet, there is so much wisdom in you. i just enjoy reading your poems, as a matter of fact your poems remind of my country for some reason. No matter how much i praise your poems, it's not enough you know. I liked your poem Friendly smile, it had a meaning. some people write poems, which do not have a meaning, but your poems have a meaning, and they are touching. it's good that you have published so many books. awesome poems! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! wida tausif

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Lamis Fahal . 23 July 2009

am not a really poet and not a very good one either but for a child who doesnt know how to read poems YOUR POEMS ARE ONE OF A KIND! you were born to do it and i like the way u explain stuff you always look deep in every thing

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Winnie Angel 28 June 2009

A new way of putting how one feels when most loving hope happens to break and make us to live with it without our will in it.Beautifully brought out the pain of the heart in the few lines from the depth of a feeling heart. Winnie

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Dana Amer 27 June 2009

Nice poem, although its short, but i really like the deep feelings these words reflect..

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Broken hope to carry requires grit and in short you’ve done that …and it like keeping hope alive in next phase Voted 10 Ms. Nivedita UK

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Mini Lee 16 April 2010

i read some of your poems &i love how you write short ones. xp but this was my favorite because my hopes are always broken. so i can relate to this one. its beautiful.<3

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Martine Kolber 25 February 2010

Short but telling stories; that's a poem I love, it touches me. Love, Martine

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Cecilia Nicoletti 20 November 2009

We can grow old, become realistic, settle down, start to see people how it is not how we want to see: : : : we can undrstand in a second a lie an act of cruellness can destroy all we built through the years: : : : ..but losing hope......this is worst can hppen to us.....cause hope cn be the reason to waing up and face the day: : : : : WE must never lose hope.....there are many people who maakes this world better, who respect, helps and believe the others...... doesnt matter if the bad ones re noissy and took desitions nd paly theyr cards....there will always be perssons who light our wy and give us hope.... never them them win and take our Hope away: : : : great poem Afzal, yoyu hould hve hope cuse youre good man who respect you know waht the vue of respect? ? ? ?

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Ency Bearis 01 September 2009

meaningful poem...a metaphor of determination....nice write....10

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