Bye Baby........=) Poem by Jessica Elizondo

Bye Baby........=)

Rating: 5.0

Of all the words unspoken,
Not saying 'I love you, ' hurts the most.
Common, tell me how you really feel!
I can take it!

Lets go babe, say it to my face!
Do you have hate in your eyes?
Sorry how would I know
when you don't look at me.

And why don't you?
Is it because I found out about her?
Mama always tought me to share,
I didn't think that meant my heart.

No honey!
Not this time!
I'm not letting you win,
just so my heart can be broken again.

Common, lets go!
I use to love you,
But now,
gosh do I love to piss you off.

Because imagine my surprise,
When I look to see your lips on another.
Oh, I'm sorry
Did I hurt you?

Ok, lets sit down and talk,
I think I should go first,
We're through.

Aww, don't look so sad babe, you knew this was comin.
But look on the bright side,
Now you can go home to someone who, I guess,
loves you better than I did.

What can I say?
you were just another guy,
and I'm over you.
You broke my heart so i'm dumping you.

Now excuse me while I go get ready,
I found someone too,
And I don't want to be late for our date.
........Bye Baby........=)

Serenity Prayer 07 July 2008

oooo burn, baby burn! ! lol. i love it. its so funny. its so you too. i can totally see you saying that. high five girl. lol. great job. love it. way funny. =)

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Very good ending Jess, way to show him who lost out, I would'nt want it to happen to me, , but i like it.i give it a 10..

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LUV IT! ! ! my boyfreind cheated on me once and never again! ! ! lol DLG

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Desiree Burdick 28 December 2008

lol good poem i wish i could say the 2nd 2 last line

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<font color =fusha>Amy 21 September 2008

wow- thats well cool poem! hope you do find the one-

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Sarwar Chowdhury 15 July 2008

Yes I enjoyed it. Heartiest composition!

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Clarissa Tobey 10 July 2008

wow i hope that guy read this! well written it shows how much you cared.

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