My Childhood Poem Collection -2 Poem by soulful heart

My Childhood Poem Collection -2

Rating: 4.7

There was a girl
So sweet as honey
Nothing about her was phoney
Oh! her heart was like pearl.

Her beauty so rare
Just a glimpse of her
And a smile from her
Made guys follow like hare.

She was as fair as snow
Her eyes so deep and blue
Even the toughest drowned in the hue
Why? Its difficult to know.

She was a mysterious dame
Always was kind and generous
Though toiling, was never nervous
She never did seek fame.

All praised her beauty
They called her dream girl
Or a really precious pearl
But they knew not-
-Why she always got sooty?

Saturday, September 20, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: mystery
Valsa George 21 September 2014

At what age did you compose this wonderful poem....? Great imagination and choicest words!

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Khairul Ahsan 02 April 2020

Beauty in itself makes an woman attractive. When good character qualities combine with that, she becomes an object of dream for many. A nice poem, written perhaps in your adolescence.

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Edward Kofi Louis 03 February 2016

Sweet as Honey and, beautiful as the Moon! Thanks for sharing.

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Alesia Leach 02 November 2014

Nicely written. I am curious though, was she a tom girl, climbing trees, etc.?

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Akhtar Jawad 09 October 2014

A nice picture of a beautiful dream girl.

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Md Asadullah 21 September 2014

Mysterious girl and mysterious ending, poem ends with a question mark and leaves me puzzled too.

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