Christmas Fears. Poem by Tom Allport

Christmas Fears.

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For the low paid and sick
There is not a magic trick
For the cost of Christmas cheer
Which goes up year after year
And the feeling that this brings
No longer makes them want to sing
At such a joyous and wonderful time
Instead they are to busy counting dimes.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: hardship
The disgraceful modern day (2017) story of people living in a so called caring society yet they are suffering to make daily ends meet through no fault of their own.
Susan Williams 14 December 2017

Part One of reply - I agree with how difficult this economy is on the poor and the lower middle class and even on the medium wage earners. But there are ways to have a merry Christmas - -

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Richard Wlodarski 27 December 2017

I totally empathize, Tom. You've done a masterful job. And what makes matters even worse: minimum wage goes up and goods and services have gone up by a WHOPPNG 20%! 20%! ! ! ! ! We were better off at the former wage! ! !

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Kim Barney 26 December 2017

Sad indeed, and disgraceful, as you say. I love Susan's idea of 'find the present'. I wish I had known about that when my kids were little.

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Kumarmani Mahakul 20 December 2017

Christ, as cheer goes year after year and we feel Christmas tears. This is thought provoking as well very thoughtful poem. For awareness you have written a nice poem of course. Amazing sharing is done really.10

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Rose Marie Juan-austin 18 December 2017

An interesting poem that conveys social awareness on the plight of people in dire need of assistance. Great write.10

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Susan Williams 14 December 2017

Part 2 of reply- by making presents- cooking treats- -celebrating the true meaning of Christmas- -enjoying the lights and decorations- - warm loving family times- - and my secret for extending the unwrapping of presents and thus making it seem like my girls got more- -hide their presents and give them slips of paper with clues written down that will eventually lead them to their presents! My girls are grown up now and they still want to play find the present! ! !

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Kim Barney 26 December 2017

What a clever idea! Find the present! Why didn't you tell me this when my kids were little? (Because you didn't know me then, of course!)

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