**** Christmas Without You Poem by Sulaiman Mohd Yusof

**** Christmas Without You

Rating: 4.3

C - Christmas carols oh blazon,
unearth the eve of torn images that churn

H - Hitch hiking each moment,
that eclipses in every turns

R - Raging the innocent faces,
as winter white blanketing the sadness

I - Illusive and passive,
Jesus shying away in recognition of crisis

S - Solemn night airs the song of broken love,
like broken wings of Dove

T - Tormented in many pieces,
Santa’s gifts shattered in many places

M - Mellow as Christmas Choir singing ‘goodbye Jesus ‘,
impregnate further the thirst

A - Akin to a long gone night of thousand lights,
that merrier and so bright

S - Santa says “get her now or there wouldn’t be,
another cherish Christmas, at first, thee'

Honey, there’ll be no Christmas
Without you, quenching my thirst

There’ll be no Bell ringing
Without you, topping my longing

Merry Christmas to you
Without you, I feel blue

Kite Remedy 21 December 2008

This definitely a magnificent work.. So silent I can capture the sadness beyond the words.. Beautiful, truly..

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Costa Anakiev 23 December 2008

well done! it's nearly an acrostic. read my new 'Writing to Santa again'. merry x-mas to you.

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Daniel Aguero 23 December 2008

nice poem.. anyways merry christmas to u..

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Beautifully Unknown 21 December 2008

very nice poem! i love it very strong message!

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<font color =fusha>Amy 21 December 2008

this poem shows a very strong message very oxymoron nice

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Adriana Veloso 11 January 2009

we always want to be with who we love on christmas day! ! ! but most of the time we can't (like me) But all we want for christemas is the one! ! ! and we don´t care about the presents underneath the Christmas tree we just want him/her for our own and this is too sad adriana veloso

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Dolan Doran 02 January 2009

interesting..never thought of Christmas that way....it's creative...lovely.

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Moushumi moushumi 31 December 2008

It should reach to one of 500 poems. This style is innovative. Happy New year.

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Sierra Love 29 December 2008

Wow this poem was really beautiful....you have such a creative way of looking at Christmas....never though of it that way. Great job, I really love it.

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Mimi Fakhira 29 December 2008

Creative poem... a successful write. I totally love it! Have a great New Year!

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