Cinemascope Poem by Ernestine Northover


Rating: 4.9

I was thinking that, when we get to heaven,
will we be made to sit in an auditorium,
and be shown on a huge 'CinemaScope' screen
a film of 'our life' from start to finish,
the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.


Could be! Looking back, reviewing things,
things you'd rather not look back on.

Analysing each second, minute, and hour,
day, month and year.

Shrinking lower and lower into your seat.

No escape! No way out! - It would be compulsory!

How would you feel after all that 'revealing stuff'.

Makes you realise that what we make of our lives
could be very important - later!

Trouble is, there's no going back
and clicking on 'EDIT' - is there!

Hugh Cobb 28 January 2006

Yes, we all do the life review, mine would definitely be mixed, Earnestine. I was not the best son or husband, for sure, but I've grown a bit since my mis-spent youth. Good write. All the best, Hugh

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Duncan Wyllie 28 January 2006

Dear Ernestine This is something that I have pondered before.If it be so, then I might as well put my hands now because I feel that for much of my youth I did many things that were wrong.I led a turbulent path. I hope that the film shows true though and that we can be accepted unconditionally. I think it would be nice to look across though and see you in my row. Love Duncan

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Rusty Daily 28 January 2006

I'm firing the producer of my film immediately. How dare he put all those things in there. I was my evil twin brother. Fun write Ernestine Rusty

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Andrew Blakemore 23 March 2008

I'd think I'd fall asleep watching mine. I'd better take a huge bag of popcorn with me though just in case. Andrew x

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John Raubenheimer 22 February 2008

If only there was an Edit or Delete button we could press, to change or remove things we don't like about our past! I would like to revisit some good memories though. Thanks for this powerful thought, Ernestine.

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Brian Dorn 11 May 2006

Ernestine, you're right, there's no chance for editing, but there's still hope for a surprise ending! A wonderful poem to ponder over... nice write! ! Brian

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Chuck Audette 01 February 2006

Yikes! I think Pofessor Poetry Hound has been rubbing off on you! Me? I'm afraid I might fall asleep during my movie, or God will say he is going to get some popcorn, and sneak off to see something more interesting. -chuck

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Mary Nagy 28 January 2006

Ernestine, Yes, I see this happening! I think we'll be held accountable for everything but I think instead of just watching it I think we will be ''feeling'' what the people we came into contact with felt at the time of our encounter. Very thoughtful poem. Sincerely, Mary

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