~ Éclat Trio De L'Amour ~ Poem by MS. NIVEDITA BAGCHI SPC. UK.

~ Éclat Trio De L'Amour ~

Rating: 4.3

~ Éclat Trio de l'Amour ~
Ms. Nivedita
28 March 27,2010

Melting next
Merging then
Emerging as
Éclat Trio de l'Amour.

Glossary: Trio de l'Amour ~Trio of Love

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David Beckham 01 August 2010

The birth and rebirth of love as it is one and the same with life. Mans gift to love...Loves gift to man...our gift to love eternal! ! ! Well done. Love it

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Adens Kamwi 18 August 2010

i love its a woncerful poem

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Jess Wilson 09 September 2010

Simple and sweet; shows that the best poems can be the shortest. Keep writing (:

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Nivedita Bagchi SPC UK 29 March 2010

To Hon’ble Sir Poet John ===== Thanks for your comments and question, ‘…did you mean a FRAGMENT or BRILLIANCE in the Trio of Love…’ Instead of going into lexicon meaning-debate [as it may give rise to controversy] I’d say that a words have many meaning apart from textuality …poets coin word using noetic and the then vibe …of poet …may seem bizarre as I read in one poem ‘I want to kiss your tonsil’…here tonsil if assessed textually…crash landing…joy of reading poem will be lost…may be poet wanted to touch [kiss] the bosom [symbolically used as tonsil]…loll So in the context of Fragment or Brilliance I keep it open to readers own conceptualization contextual with the poetry… Sir John I thank you again Regards Ms. Nivedita UK - Copy to Poet Sir John

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Siddharth Singh 29 March 2010

Melting, merging and then emerging as the trio of love. Niv, you seem to have mastered your contemporary poetic jargon. Your work invariably borders along the realms of mysticism. Nothing else but a full 10.

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Louis Cecile 21 November 2010

Really nice simple expression. Reminds me that love is best when kept simple. Tout le jour l'amour. bonne poésie

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Narender Singh Bansal 21 November 2010

small but complete narration

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Mahfooz Ali 04 October 2010

It's really a good one.....

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Kolawole Ajao 11 September 2010

The shortest but the sweetest. Thanks.

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Marieta Maglas 10 September 2010

A deep thoughtful poem....well expressed thoughts and feelings through poetry...

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