~ Désespoir! Pourquoi? ~ Poem by MS. NIVEDITA BAGCHI SPC. UK.

~ Désespoir! Pourquoi? ~

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~ Désespoir! Pourquoi? ~
Ms. Nivedita
28 March,2010

When you call me
Love finds efflorescence why?

When you echo in my soul
Surge of plaudit effulgence why?

When you tinct me by aureole
Convergence of refulgence why?

I find no time … stay in-tune
With my tune cadence
Vast Universe why
Splurge in my being?
Uniqueness is
Universe unites me
Pullulates in me
In majestic sublime
Valor of purepurple.

I’m buoy twee
Sprite wee bittie
Weensy Niminy-piminy.

O’ Universe hear
In Your gorgeous loftiness
Désespoir! Pourquoi?

Essence examen
Is my mentation a fantasy?
Know not but.

Glossary: Despair! Why? ~ Désespoir! Pourquoi?
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Nooruddeen Mm 10 April 2010

Expressive and imaginative Enjoy reading Congratulations Rgds Nooruddeen

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Seema Chowdhury 11 April 2010

very interesting and lovely.

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Majestic…magnificent…magical… baronial… Poet explained her despair and resultant surrender as in confusion her feelings are but ‘Is my mentation a fantasy? ’ Again questions in form of answer ‘Know not but.’ A very well conclusion and bosom-candy poem… 10++

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Rajaram Ramachandran 11 April 2010

The words 'Desespoir Pourquai' sound abracadabra to me.

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Ravi Sathasivam 12 April 2010

Excellent poem with good diction. Well expressed. Enjoyed reading it Thanks for sharing with me

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Ramesh Kavdia 08 December 2010

I am a simple lay man. Your poems are like climbing everest for me. I have to drown more and more to explore you, I mean your poems.

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Kevin Carney 05 October 2010

Wow, fantastic use of vocabulary (honestly I have a very good volcabulary but, a few words I had to look up) and to get it all to work with rythem and flow. It was a great read and made me think about it after for quite awhile. Beautifully written :)

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Terence George Craddock 29 August 2010

I find no time … stay in-tune With my tune cadence love is the harmony of the spheres, without harmony of universal love consideration, a song of beauty is lost, a world of beauty is lost, souls and love is lost

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Hans Vr 28 August 2010

It took me some time to understand but it was time well spent. Once I understood, I really thought the poem was ecstatic. A fantastic feeling communicated in an extremely nice poetic way. Let it be real!

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Mackenzie Keane 18 August 2010

very good vocabulary, if a little out of reach for MY mind... keep writing! :)

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