Your Face Poem by Colin Ian Jeffery

Your Face

Rating: 4.8

When first I saw your face I was entranced
Inspired with beauty overwhelming and appealing
Making my heart tremble and soul rejoice.
Once I dreamt seeing such a face in as a youth
Never thought the dream would be reality.
Your beauty, wit and charm, inspires my Muse
Creating rich colours within each day's passing
Because of you I see God's hand everywhere.
When alone I hear your voice soft and precious
Echoing sweet within my happy mind.
I bless the woman who gave birth to you
Your brightness of character and for loving me.
You seed my heart with love's exquisite flowers
Nurtured and flourishing, enhanced by your beauty.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008
Topic(s) of this poem: love,lovers
Adele Le Keur 04 July 2008

you just made love beautiful transported me to where love resides, and made me want to stay-you are that gifted.

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Linda Weischedel 08 July 2008

I love the words you chose to express with. Beautiful poem! ~Linda~

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Saint Cynosure 10 July 2008

This is excellent... I give it a 10

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Usha Pisharody 12 July 2008

The setting, the tone, the choice of words and imagery, along with the most appealing of muses, enrich this poem, and make it such a gentle pleasure to read! Gently exhilarated is the feel at the end of my read :) A poem true to the English Countryside, and to a fair maiden. I liked this a lot!

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A. J. Mckinley 14 July 2008

Such a languid and poignant longing. I would that I could be such a muse. Lovely.

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Subodh Pandey 10 January 2018

Making absent spring bloom......loved it lovely write

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Subodh Pandey 10 January 2018

Lovely write making absent spring bloom... Loved it....

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Ellen Ni Bheachain 14 November 2016

Lovely love poem, real nice poetic lines that looped nicely to the next line.

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Norah Jemal 06 November 2008

this is such a sweet poem. i like it.

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Fiona Davidson 03 November 2008

Beautiful poem that reminds me of myself...thank you...

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