Coming Back Poem by Susan Lacovara

Coming Back

Rating: 5.0

Are you coming back to kiss me and confess that you have missed me like a soldier who resistant went to war...and in cause I never noticed, you presenting, like a lotus, step inside so full of stride, my open door...
In the hourglass of dropping sands, came a time to throw up both your hands, reaching back for what you thought were better days? Were there torns that pierced your hardened heart, or petals, pieces pulled apart, that makes you want to pause and hit replay...what was once so gleamed as glorious, was in fact for you laborious, but the only comfort you have ever known...if I dare to smile again at you would my heart now mended come unglued..taking home to nest, the bird whose love had I silly now to wonder, comes the sunshine or the thunder.. leave behind and look ahead to start a new...does it really ever matter that within my rambled chatter...lies the underlying's always you.

(04/04/14) The back and forth of deciding whether to go back and forth..
A racing mind, listening for the starting gun...while eyeing the finish much distance between two....and the two of them! Written in a style to sound as if rambling questions and trying to reassure yourself of the answers you seek.....
Chuy Amante 14 April 2014

Well written! I could feel the mind racing back and forth and feel your thinking! I liked it very much. Can't wait to read more of your goodies!

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Danny Draper 08 April 2014

Almost the clack of train on track, love is a force that can never come back, its intensity glows and our longing grows, we want and we don't, we can but we wont. Your poem beats perfect time with the indecisions that plague our Profrockian existence.

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