Confessions Poem by Indranil Bhaduri


Rating: 5.0

Did you ever know?
After every sunset
My visions portrayed your shadow,
Like a blurred illusion on a cloudy day..
How I longed to touch you, feel you,
Embrace you and and wanted you to stay,
With my soul filled with solitude,
And transform the pitch dark hours
To a shining bright sunny day..

Did you ever see, listen or feel?
Behind you, the weeps and sobs,
The destruction of romantic thoughts
And the crumpled page with the solitary dots?
Alas! You became so distant, ..
When you crossed the seven oceans,
Like a momentary flash of silver lightning,
And never turned back to meet
The love-filled gaze that followed you,
Everyday, everywhere..
With delicate words on the dry lips,
Unexpressed, unspoken, untold..
As years went by,
The eyes never stopped searching you,
Wishes had slowly caught deep rust
Secretly waiting to be true,
The silent nights spoke to me,
Gifting me the white Pegasus,
And how I waited to ride and fly with you,
Seeking for the paradise blue…
A sudden storm then blew up
Shattering the fairytale dreams,
Bidding adieu to the delusive tunes
And there you were,
The mirage, within the sand dunes!

Wish you could ever feel my soft whispers,
And hide your little pearls of tears,
Sitting alone with your daydreamer paintbrush,
Dipping, sinking into the watercolours,
Hugging the white canvas
And thinking of the long lost hours..
As you illustrated the unfinished picture
Of the broken vase,
With lovely flowers blooming
And just one dried up with unignited passion..
That was my heart, always there…
So close to you, loving you forever…

Copyright © 2012 Indranil Bhaduri

Bob Brown 11 August 2012

Mindblowing.. With lovely flowers blooming and just one dried up with unignited passion..That was my heart, always there…So close to you, loving you forever… Fantastic lines! Good job.

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Payal Parande 12 August 2012

so full of beautiful thoughts.....i am speechless job well done sir....... thank you for sharing was worth every moment spending here and reading this wonderful piece best wishes payal

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Samantha Robinson 18 August 2012

Are you published? You should be.

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Pauline Miller 22 September 2012

A story of hopes and dreams and sadness and longing. So many of us go through these feelings, but if we are wise, we learn from them.

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Bryan Seyffert 10 November 2012

WOW.. I hope to write like this one day! The passionate imagery flows with every stroke of your pen!

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Shubham Koul 21 August 2015

i became little emotional, great lines! !

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Prasanna Mishra 25 April 2014

A poem of great intensity and integrity of emotions. Going through the great piece was great pleasure and privilege.

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Aditi Khandelwal 22 January 2014

Such a passionate piece of poetry..! I loved it.

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Patricia Grantham 25 July 2013

Confessions of a heart so full of love and passion. Broken vase of lovely flowers blooming is such a nice poetic form of love that will continue to bloom whatever the situation may be. One flower dried up echoes all is not lost there is still some bit of love seed left that will still grow! Amazing write.

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Sandra Kelley 15 July 2013

amazing, I wish I could write like this

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