Hoda Elomari

Confused - Poem by Hoda Elomari

I realized something disturbing today,
Something I don’t wanna talk about and I’d rather not say,
And I know, no matter how hard I try keep it away,
Soon enough it will find me, take control of my life, and still I’ll continue to pray,
I know the world isn’t perfect,
But that doesn’t give any one the right to be so damn strict,
People roam the grounds with their noses lifted high, believing no matter how they are proven wrong they consider themselves right,
Parents try to take control of our lives,
Teachers fill our heads with what they think is wrong and right,
And even our friends, our closest people won’t lend their shoulder to us when we cry,
And how many times, how many of us wish we could die,
And still we go on, living in this endless lie
It’s like we live a sick world of misery,
Praying our children, if any, won’t turn back to this as good history,
It’s sad, we still believe in color grant supremacy,
I don’t understand how their can be regulated bigotry,
But I guess it’s time we faced reality,
Life is a bitch,
No matter how hard you try to make the best of it,
It doesn’t care if your laugh or cry,
It took away hope,
Never returned kisses,
Washed away love,
And conquered what was left of our bliss,
So come one someone answer my question,
When are we gonna wake up and turn all these mistakes into corrections?
I guess it’s the day we get rid of every ones painful deception..

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Poem Submitted: Tuesday, April 4, 2006

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