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Conversations With Luther And Josh About Perfection, Imperfection, World Peace, Truth, Acceptance, Life, Space, Nature, Etc. Love............ - Joshua Aaron Guillory

Poem by Joshua Aaron Guillory

Luther: Hey, Josh!

Josh: Hey, Luther!

Luther: Josh, isn't life perfect?

Josh: Yes! Everything is perfect, there are no mistakes, past, present or future, to the one who sees perfection!

Luther: Let me say it this way: To the one who sees perfection, there are no mistakes, everything is perfect, past, present and future!

Josh: Or this way! [Your way is perfect and so is mine! ] There are no mistakes, everything is perfect, to the one who sees perfection, past present and future!

Luther: Yes! or future, nor future, and future! ha-ha!

Josh: ha-ha! It's like if I used the word ''happens with'' instead of ''happens to'', we know that with means ''of or relating to, or in relation to, or in the mind of, or in the life of'', although to is used, it would seem very often! And yet to is still perfect! Any one can be used whenever they want or are decided to be used!

Luther You're right! totally! And if I said that something in relation to something previously being stated [or previously stated], as in a term, word, or definition, ''And is rooted or source to the word...''! The word ''source'' is perfect! for if you removed/remove the ''is rooted'' or ''is rooted or'' you see that ''And source to the word...'' makes perfect sense! And that ''sourced'' can also be used! And the ''And is'' can still be used..! Something can be a source to something! A relative source to something! not just for something, or used as ''for'' something!

Josh: You're perfectly right! Who would stress over such a thing that's perfect? ! ha-ha!

Luther: I know, right! ? And who would try to guiltify with some negative intention or desire of or for imperfection! Any [so-called] mistake is no mistake relative to the process or script of life! And any [so-called] imperfection is no imperfection in or relative to the process or script of life! Everything is perfection! Imperfection is i'm perfection!

Josh: Agreed! And ''no'' can be taken from the Canaanite or Proto-Canaanite/Cannanite/Cannonite symbols or pictographs ''Nun/N'' and ''Ayin/Ayn/Oyn/Oyin/0'' which has to do with the individual mind, consciousness, awareness or experience of the universe! which is Empty Space! The Ayin contains the ''Noon/Nun'' which represents the ''individual, the single, the life, or activity''! And it [the Ayin] forms a word which means ''well'' or ''spring''! or source or foundation! or even ''offspring''! As I said in one quote, ''Space is the spring from which everything comes into its being! '' Space is a must for everything to be, exist or work! We need empty space to move and or create! And Space, the English/english words, contains the word ''spa'' and ''ace''! Spa means ''spring or foundation or source'' and Ace means ''single, one, or individual! ''

Luther: And you also said before, ''Space is the spring from which everything comes into being! '' Both are correct!

[Narration: So is the the Latin espa or espace, which reveals space as the E or Soul of the universe! The Free window! The in and out! The seeing and seen (the unseen)the breath and breathing! The entering into and entering out! The electrifier and magnetic! The still and will! The everwhere free and bond! or bound! to freedom! The in and out man or manifestation! or inside-out man or manifestation! the coming in and coming out or out of! yet remaining everywhere always at the same time! The hearing-speaking! The silent-unviolent or silent-violent-good! The valiant! The value or no value! The value as no value! The no value as value! The one two nothing and beyond! ]

Josh: It is the one mind or thought in the one mind or thought and all thought or thoughts of the one mind! as the one mind! That includes God or The Great Wind or Force or Mind or Thought! As David says in the Bible, ''The Lord [Space, Mind, Awareness, Source] is God [Wind, Thought or Conversation, Motion]''! The two are one and the same and are used interchangeably as Allah, the All Breath or All Life or All pervading and or emanating life [is] used interchangeable [interchangeably] as all parts of himself! He's the light or awareness in the Dark, symbolized and as and is the Moon, and the Sat, or Set, or Darkness or Mind that is awareness or enlightened as well! He's the Isis-Aset or Isis-Set! He's the Son of Himself! Allah doesn't have a Sun and yet He has and is a Sun or Son! Himself! He begets or gets to be himself as all selves or self of the Self! Himself! He created the uncreated or the ''no' or ''not''!

[Narration: God is the Lord]

Luther: As you were referring to with the ''no'' earlier and or ''now''! He made something out of nothing or the nothingness of himself! Which contains and is everything! In the beginning or head, in his imagination, he created everything, the heaven or heavens and the earth or earths! The waters or lifes of thought! [or lives of thought] The spirit hovering, vibrating, moving or deepening [or deepining] itself within itself produces from itself the infinity or infinite of its self or infinite self!

Josh: Or the infinitude of itself! He ripped openly or raped freely the cells or souls of thought, or himself! Dividing asunder the thoughts and intents of the heart! Of the great heart or mind! Allowing freely or Alloving freely this to take place! From the All low, or depths, fountain, or foundation, or spring of life, existence or the universe! The one of the All, the All of the One, Universes of or in the universes! The in and beyondness! Or the in-beyondness! The deeper He went, the Further and Higher, or Farther He went! And even so deeply or more deeply! At the light and wind speeds of perfect, infinite thought! or awareness! The awakening of itself, to itself, of itself, by itself, with the Self, or selves of the Selves, as the One Self! the different aspects of it that were asleep and yet awake! It is the sleep or sleepiness and the awake or awakeyness!

Luther: Or awakeness! The creating while asleep and asleep while creating! And creating while awake! And awakening while sleep!

[Narration: The allsleep or alseep or alsleep]

Josh: And sleeping while creating! And creating from the sleep or of the sleep or nothingness or dream! And creating from the awakening of appearance or things dreamed or of his Dream! The Dream!

Luther: The inning or inningness! The futhering or futherance or futheringness or ness eses or esses! or essence or essenes or essences! or instances! the Standing or position or condition or will [and or will] on the inside! What's without is withine! [or with thine! ] What's without is within! What's within is without! Cool and heat! Distance and time! Cooling and heating! Speed and friction! Velocity and connection! Rubbing, ripping, ribbing, roping or raping! or rapping! to itself, of itself, in itself, freely and harmlessly, and yet there is harm or slavery to it or of it, a harmony to it or of it! A slave or binding or bonding or bending or bounding or beyonding! the bond or bound or bind or band! the band of friction! The crucifixtion [crucifixion] of love! The crusade friction! The taking and expanding for the sake of peace and love! The giving and taking, the taking and giving yet remaining one and the same still and will together! real and true together!

[Narration: The moderate or warm or untemperate but temperate temperature, relatively which can and is cold and hot, but neither! ]

Josh: The crusade fixation! Or fixing for the cross or betterment or overness of man and creation and life as a whole! A permanence of the impermanent to make permanent! or permanently perfect! The boundary or bound line or illusionary line or real line to cross over or come to or turn around to! etc. To get there and come back for experience or discovery and beyond it for experience or discovery or uncovery! The same, the change, all the same, forever and forevermore!

[Narration: A crusade fixation or fixing can also be/be also applied to the moving, move, or movement of unification or attachment! LOVE! or love! are love! ]

Luther: This is perfect or perfection! Sometimes it's not a matter of crossing the line but reaching it and coming back to look for more! And sometimes cross over it and then come back for more and turning around to that which you've crossed over to look for more! And vice versa! A reflection of infinity! Or/Are the infinite of the head or shining Ra of Truth! The one Sol or Solus or Solace is everywhere! Everywhere in us and around us! The center point is everywhere! The elements and atoms and what's contained in them everywhere! To pull at will or to be at will or be pulled at will is the great glory and the key to eternal life! As well or all at the same time to be still! To be the infinite glory or revelation or uncovering or discovering or discovery of truth, the Great Infinite Space of infinite space infinity and activity and or proclivity! And civility and no civility, as civility, and as no civility!

[Narration: And sometimes crossing over it and coming back...]

Josh: All thoughts and imagination are centers in the universe and centered in the universe and [or] a center in the universe! As everyone and everything is a universe! of the infinite universe or universities of life! of love! of desire! of peace! of stillness! of action! of creativity! of creation! of the universe!

Luther: And all of which you state, for the universe! Sometimes it's not a matter of crossing the line as it is reaching it and coming back to look for more! ..etc. Turn back, turn forward, all the same in the universe thought! There is one road or way of an infinite roads or ways! We can live in the past in thought now, and the present, and the future! What to be or is now, is to be past, and is to be future!

Josh: What He penetrates into is the division or dividing, the separation or separating, and yet everything remains the same! remains in unity, in harmony, in tact, intact, together! The tactics or stratagems [or strategems] of the heart or mind, the joints or marrow, the soul or spirit, is one! One with and for world peace! The universal perfection! And splitting [or spliting] and commitment [committment] to the split to the freedom, perfection, interchange, exchange, and unity and sameness, or same time, or sametimeness, of all!

[Narration: He, She or It]

Luther: And that is the ripping or raping or rapping, The musical penetrations of the soul or spirit and the discerner or buildering or building into and of and beyond of the heart and thought or thought and heart! or thought as heart or heart as thought!

Joshua: And the transformations! As Josh to Joshua or Josh unto Joshua or Joshua unto Josh or Josh unto Josh or Joshua unto Joshua or Joshu! or Joshu unto Joshua or Joshu and etc.

Luther: Everything controls unto or to the infinite or for the infinite freedom! peace! love! and happiness! or peace, love or happiness!

Josh: And of future to the words of the past now! or past now! or past past!

Luther: Or now past! ha-ha

Josh: ha-ha!

[The tree or house planted in the same as a previous tree or house is still the same, of the same, a change, but different, but still the same and perfect, the perfect change, the perfect same, the old new, the new old, the same old, the same ole new, the new, the old, always old, always new! in whatever house, state, place, state, condition or nothingness of the nothing or empty space or therefrom, or thereafterwards from, from it, the nothingness of everything or nothingness as everything! and yes, state was or is repeated, isn't it? ! is it not a different yet same state! ? or place, or condition, or nothingness or somethingness, or imagination or thought or true or real, or perfect! a fake as real or real as fake if fake is real and real is fake? A fic, fiction, or crucifiction! a fictitious or fixture! or fecal or fickle or f-u-c-k-i-n-g or FECUNDITY or fee-con-deity or free-cunn-diety or free-coon-deity or fact, facts are fake or fake are facts or facts oare real and real are facts or are facts are real! or folklore or focus or hocus-pocus or focal or vocal or vicinity or ficinity or ficture or victor or picture or bitchure or bitchore or bicker or bicker or bigger! all is true and true is all] [All is fake and fake is all] relatively, infinity, infinitely, perfectly! true is all imagination and all imagination false! or fiction and non-fiction or no fiction! or bitchlore! in reference to bitchore and the rest of the infinite rests or restfulness[es] and restlessness[es]! And how about the empty space with Luther or between Luther and the words! was that a mistake? Was it fake or fake to make the mistake, or so-called mistake, or was it perfect an no mistake or a mistake of the no, the all-knowing, the all-nothing, somethingness for somethingness? a was it a perfect mistake or take that was missed or seen or seen after the miss or miss being right or already seen? or the seen? was there a change, anywhere, or everwhere, or somewhere or nowhere? or everywhere? are you sick? is this getting you sick, or are you still in good health? is health everything? are you worn out or [are] wearing out and in or inside? can you hide? is there a hide? a beehive, a jive turkey, ha-ha! ? ? .......? it is funny or not funny or not funny because it was not funny to you or funny to you? or me? are me?

How did you know? Nature! Human nature? Nature! Nature? Human nature! Human nature? All of nature? Relative nature? By nature! Inside-out! Outside-in! Nature! Universal nature! Infinite nature! One or some or all or none or few or two or three or one or infinity of nature! feeling, thought, sight, being, awareness, to, it, just the way it is, it is just the way, nature! inclination, desire, freedom, being free, me, being, myself, nature! It is was and forever will be nature! the universe, the universal nature! the nature! God within, without everywhere, out out of bounds, in bounds, in all, all in, in out, all out in in in, nature! everywhere and everything and everyone is nature! Nature! How did you know? Nature! Nature! Nature! observation, being, knowing, believing, considering, understanding, becoming, already being or becoming nature! coming to be true nature! True or real nature! True nature! The nature! - Joshua Aaron Guillory

Peace! - Joshua Aaron Guillory World Peace

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