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Cosmic Lens

Rating: 5.0
There’s a smiley face in space
that’s beaming from above
at our mindless human race
on Earth we say we love.

Yet we mortals trash our planet
and with weaponry we man it,
dream up lucrative devotions,
scheme up profiteering notions.
(If it’s good for us, we ban it.)
We pour poisons in the oceans,
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Cosmic Lens
Tuesday, December 1, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: astronomy
A key result of Einstein’s theory is that matter warps space-time, and thus a massive object can cause an observable bending of light from a background object. The first success of the theory was the observation, during a solar eclipse, that light from a distant background star was deflected by the predicted amount as it passed near the Sun.

Astronomers have since found many examples of this phenomenon, known as “gravitational lensing.” More than just a cosmic illusion, gravitational lensing provides astronomers with a way of probing extremely distant galaxies and groups of galaxies in ways that would otherwise be impossible even with the most powerful telescopes.

Inspiration for poem came from Hubble Image and article, “A Smiling Lens” < spacetelescope.org/images/potw1506a/ >

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Credit: ~ NASA & ESA
Captain Cur 23 March 2021
Nothin illusionary about this telescopic write. Unfortunately man and womankind seem headed to assured destruction, because of all the reason mentioned above, perhaps already too late. But there is always hope that a cosmic awareness could save us all.
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Bill Cantrell 17 October 2020
My dear friend, I just directed some of my best friends to your poetry, I hope they will check you out, I told them you are one of a kind...you are by far my favorite poet and that’s saying a lot for I really like many, but you are my intrigue and fascination and I see your humble heart through your genius ??
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Harley White 21 October 2020
I cannot thank you enough for your constant support support and encouragement! You are indeed a true poetic friend and greatly appreciated! Thank you so much!
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Cowboy Ron Williams 01 July 2020
Great poem! I love the thought of a smiley face in space! I would invite you to read my poems (I have five of them) , but my account is new and the poems are not activated yet. This really surprises me. I thought people would be able to read my poems as soon as I posted them!
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Sarah Shahzad 12 December 2019
This is a very well written poem, I really appreciate it...! ! pleez do comment/ review/ write your thoughts on my poems too, & please check my site too :) :)
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Prabir Gayen 24 January 2019
Very beautiful poem dear poetess...To me the poem of my day: . Thanks
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Harley White 24 January 2019
Thank you! I appreciate that very much...
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Baquee Billah Ahmed 02 September 2018
wau.....it is a good poem...cosmic lens........................
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Harley White 02 September 2018
Thank you. I'm glad you like it...
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Baquee Billah Ahmed 02 September 2018
You most welcome mam....and I m glad to see U a good poet here...
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Bill Cantrell 14 March 2018
My friend, I hope you like my poem... poetic breach, , , , in honor of your poetry.
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Harley White 15 March 2018
I am truly honored by your not at all feeble homage! Thank you so much!
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Akhtar Jawad 25 August 2017
I am not an astromist, a lay man, perhaps a poet, but you made me interested in reading A Smiling Lens. It shows you succeeded as a poetess to convey your message. It's an evidence that it's a good poem and a well deserved selection as member's poem of the day. Congrats.
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Harley White 26 August 2017
Thank you for sharing your reaction to the poem! One of my hopes is to also awaken more interest in astronomy and make these wonders more accessible to others. I’m pleased to know that you feel I succeeded in this goal!
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Rajesh Thankappan 25 August 2017
Man's plunder of the earth to fulfil his greed in the name progress should have to end somewhere so that the earth can be rescued from an impending castraphore. The alarming rate of global climate change is a pointer towards things to come. Loved the poem and the cosmic prespective.
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Harley White 26 August 2017
Your feedback really captures the message of the poem. The universe will go on, but humankind is hastening the end of our time here on earth. I’m glad that you enjoyed it!
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Bill Cantrell 25 August 2017
And now my dear friend, your poetry is shining, I am extremely happy that this poem made poem of the day, your poetry is totally in a class by itself! ! The great endeavor...an earthly state of graceful truth, congratulations,10+++++
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Harley White 25 August 2017
Ah, you have seen the poem… I was surprised and pleased to see it selected for today. That image seemed to beg for a poem. And I too am happy to see these warmhearted words from you! Such approval makes my poetic labors feel worthwhile! Thank you once again!
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