Courage -2 Poem by Rose Marie Juan-austin

Courage -2

Rating: 5.0

The wild wind blew left and right
It penetrated all corners
Its threatening sound like
The roaring of a jet engine.

My small body swayed
Like a silk curtain
Forced to yield to its power
Followed every bit of command.

Yet I bravely gathered
All my strength and wit
I stood like a metamorphic rock
And cut the savage wind.

Copyright 2022, Rose Marie Juan-Austin, All Rights Reserved

Okim Otu 24 June 2022

Courage to face the vicissitudes of life is a gift. Nice work.5 stars

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Sandra Feldman 24 June 2022

This great poem, says so much about courage and life. Only the brave and pure of heart have the strength and convictions to fight against the ill winds that so strongly can discourage us and blow us down he wrong paths. Excellent piece. Truly inspiring. Encouraging and exceptional.

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Lyn Paul 23 June 2022

Our courage can be more powerful than we are aware in times of need. Take good care.

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M. Asim Nehal 23 June 2022

Courage to fight the odds in life well expressed. Full********

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Anjandev Roy 22 June 2022

Profound piece......really brilliant.....thanks for sharing...

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Rose Marie Juan-austin

Rose Marie Juan-austin

Laoag City, Philippines
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