Cricket Safari Poem by Vijay Sai R

Cricket Safari

Rating: 3.6

The flags are flying high and handsome,
The sky is blue and brilliant,
The trumpet is blowing hard and hustling,
The drumbeat is sounding grand and great,
The Indian tiger is ready to pounce and prowl,
The African tusker is marching tall and majestic,
The Lankan lion is roaring and raring to go,
The Pakistani eagle is sharp and sizzling,
The Australian kangaroo is hopping fast and furious,
The Zimbabwean Flamingo is flocking feathers and taking flight,
The Kiwi bird is looking bright and bold,
The British bull is locking horns and looking to leap,
The West Indian seagull is keen to clean up all the fishes,
As the rest among the group
competes with the best to challenge the race,
The race to lift the cup,
Come on! Come and join the celebration,
The tempo is upbeat,
The atmosphere is carnival,
It’s the World Cup!
The cup that matters,
The cup of the millennium.

*Cricket Safari paints a colourful picture of the pomp and gaiety associated with the arrival of a cricket world cup. The competing teams are compared according to the nature of the various inhabitants living in the jungle. The race between them lit up the festive spirit and throws up a challenge as to whom lifts the coveted trophy.

S.zaynab Kamoonpuri 01 December 2012

Aha first time i read a world cup poem in such splendid flag n animal imagery too. Thumbs up poet!

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Valsa George 03 June 2012

U hav succeeded in depicting the ceremonial opening and the fever and fret of the WORLD CUP. I enjoyed reading it!

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Scotty Dogg 01 June 2012

Love Cricket. Go Great Britain! Nice poem.

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Kasia Fedyk 31 May 2012

It; s priceless coming from the eyes that not only feel but see, your heart! Beautiful! Thanks

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Judith Robinson 08 September 2010

Enjoyed the spirit in this poem; poet recreates atmosphere of excitement and gaiety. Lots of colorful language and references. Good poem.

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Bri Edwards 26 May 2014

Vijay, shock of shocks! just two days ago i wrote a comment here about americans (maybe not) playing cricket. then the very next day, what should i see? ? ? in the park in this small california city, a few blocks from our house, i saw a bunch of indians (?) playing cricket. it is almost too amazing for me to believe, even though i saw them with my own eyes. i've only lived here a year, but in that year i've seen about zero indians. maybe they came from the larger city to the north? we do have native americans, known to me in my youth as indians, around here. some of them earn money by running or owning a casino, or having it on their land. but i don't think i've seen many of them either. are these people hiding from me? so now i've seen about 10 minutes of a cricket game, which is similar to, but a lot different from, our baseball. i suppose baseball is played by some in india? my brother told me yesterday on phone that he has seen cricket played in st. louis (in the state of missouri in central u.s.a.) and in washington d.c. (our national capital) . bri :)

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Bri Edwards 24 May 2014

i suppose some 'americans' play cricket, but who and where and when i wouldn't know. i was drawn to the poem because i thought it might be a fantasy of crickets (which to me are dark insects which resemble grasshoppers) on an african safari. boy, was i disappointed! maybe i'll have to write one to suit my cricket-safari wish. but thanks for sharing anyway. bri :)

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Geetha Jayakumar 21 August 2013

Wow...Amazing write.. So beautifully you have expressed each team...Loved reading.. Today I feel how come I missed your beautiful deserve 10

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Patricia Grantham 28 May 2013

A very interesting poem it is. Like taking a walk in the jungle and seeing lots of wild animals in their own habitat. Cricket Safari is a celebration by all means. Enjoyed the ride.

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Emmanuel Ogundeji 17 December 2012

nice one i enjoyed it

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Vijay Sai R

Vijay Sai R

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