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Last night I went out once again
To ply my ancient trade.
I've seldom heard a word of praise
For all the love I've made.

Sometimes I find it oh so hard
To do my joyful task.
I might explain it all quite well,
If those who love would ask.

But few have ever dared to care
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Catrina Heart 04 February 2009

Love is sweeter the second time around...if only given the chance to make things right...How humble you are to admit that you are the one who have to be blamed from the crossed roads that turned you to blue...Truely heartfelt for a great man accepts his mistakes..........beautiful poem written with fine rhymes too...10/10

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Lina Depina 01 February 2009

this poem is very well written... i love this poem

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Rivers' Baby Gurl ;) 22 January 2009

OMG! ! ! ! ! this is my fave of urs so far! ! ! ! keep writing i enjoy it

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Catrina Heart 22 January 2009

Great and awesome poem Wolfy! So heartfelt yet written very nicely in a poetic verses...A cupid who wants to have a second chance to coup up all the lost times...Loved it.10+++

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Lynda Robson 20 January 2009

Excellent Wolfey, expressive and good rythm, 10 Lynda xx

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C. P. Sharma 03 March 2010

Awesome poem, skilfully crafted with arrow aimed in perfect line. I loved, And when I do, I'll string my bow, And line my arrow true. And then the world will see once more What Cupid still can do. Confident ardent love. CP

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Rachel Butler 22 September 2009

If someone ever gave you love, I hope you'll give just due; Rachel Ann Butler

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Saadat Tahir 16 July 2009

very well written... an ardent wish... less likely granted by providence... ;) vivid crisp and fresh like the rustling pines cheers

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Cristy Upshaw 29 May 2009

this is so awesome. I love the imagery you have portrayed. your mind of so far beyond mine. such greatness your words leave on pages.

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Laurie Hill 06 February 2009

Couldn't you get a ''Gatling'' bow? : 0) An excellent read

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