Cycle Poem by Kelly Vinal


Rating: 5.0

Hold me firmly to your bosom
Lest I’m torn by expectation –
I’m a sapling, roots just taken,
Don’t rip me out before my rain –
In time, we make our way to
Making -within our bounds of given talent –
To lift economies and economic clout, with
No measurable impact – ah, but
Such are aggregates, my dearest Karlton Marx –
If I could hear the silence
Of a cold, majestic mountain,
She would whisper softly, softly to me –
That the mountains never age;
And that living sparks will never fade
Until they burn their fleeting fuel
Of will.

Tears In Rain 04 September 2005

Perhaps poetry should stand independent of the poet, but this one had 10x the impact after I read your bio. A very respectable bit of work.

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Mary Nagy 03 September 2005

Very nice to see such beauty in writing. I'm amazed at your writings considering where you are. Sincerely, Mary

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Gershon Hepner 02 September 2005

A powerful poem, especially the last line's two words.We are running out of fuel, aren't we.

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Herbert Nehrlich1 29 August 2005

Flow etc. -I had to read this three times to get some meaning out of it. Maybe the weekend dulling of the senses..... A Visiting Professor is a much sought after honour. Let's name you 'Visiting Poet'. H

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Allan James Saywell 29 August 2005

the isolation and high risk factor of iraq has helped your creative juices kelly a nice poem with great flow Warm regards allan

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Kelly Vinal

Kelly Vinal

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