' If I Could Live To A Hundred Years' Poem by Linda Winchell

' If I Could Live To A Hundred Years'

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If I could live to be a hundred years
Or maybe two hundred more.
Would I have accomplished... all I really wanted too?
Than I have maybe... in all of my eighty-four?

Does one need to have all that time?
To make their mark upon this earth?
For I've known some that have only lived shorter lives
and some that have died...soon after birth.

Were their lives no more of a blessing?
For all of whom they had touched.
And did they not accomplish their mission...here on earth?
Was it more of time... that would have mattered
or done that much?

We are all given.... a certain amount of time
I know this... from what I've seen in the past.
For no matter how much you want another to live
We each have our time on earth...and then we pass.

Be grateful for whatever...amount of life’s time you have
For ONE is all...one will ever be granted.
Like the flowers that bloom in the soil...they too
Are only given an amount of life...that which God has planted.

Linda Winchell


really delightful poem thank you for sharing can you please read 'Easy Flower' when you have the time. thank you so much

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very beautiful thanks for sharing 10

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Sonya Florentino 30 July 2009

beautifully said Linda, yes the length of time is not important but how you lived it... a flower that blooms for a day is not necessarily less that one that lasts a whole season....

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Prince Obed de la Cruz 25 July 2009

yeah, we must be thankful of our life and make a good use of it!

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Saadat Tahir 17 May 2009

Hi linda such an illuminating poem...really very nice the precious present concept is brought into sharp focus cheers

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Fiona Davidson 18 January 2009

We neeed to apreciate the time we have...beautiful poem Linda...thank you...Fi

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Bob Blackwell 15 January 2009

This one made me think, in a way the early and the middle years of my life I wasted but now in my senior years I find writing poetry gives me a reason to stick around a little while. If we have fulfilled our dreams, our life age doesn't matter. The truth is we are only alive in this moment in time, the rest is history and the next moment hasn't happened yet. Heres to many happy moments with lots of love for all. Brilliant poem even though it made me think to much. Bob

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Linda Winchell

Linda Winchell

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