Bangalored Poem by Vikram G. Aarella


Rating: 4.2

I have lost my livelihood,
I can’t stand where I stood,
I have become lazy and bored
People say that I have been bangalored.

Like a missile it struck my heart,
Shattered and tore my life apart,
As the cost of labour soared,
They got me bangalored.

Thousands of jobs have been lost
Many more are loosing them fast,
My company has been floored,
And I have been bangalored.

My job is being done by a stranger
As he is cheaper and smarter
I feel like I have been gored,
Because I have been bangalored.

Lillian Said 13 August 2009

For this one you desrve a 10. You had me from the moment I started reading. The sarcasm, wit and honestly is refreshingly new. You are a wordsmith of note. Do not worry things are changing all the time. I am South African look at what happened here. Just do not keep quiet about the things that matters because then we start dying on the inside. Regards Lillian

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premji premji 06 August 2009

a tower struck by lightening...that only happened to too... try to work for our nation...

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M A 01 August 2009

I see. Kind of local outsourcing. Such move the wheels of life and economy. The Greeks too produced ideas and art, but imported all wordly goods from sister colonies like vine, olive oil, pots, grains, labor.

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Ratnaprabha Raykar 24 July 2009

very nicely written. congratulations

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Mamta Agarwal 28 June 2008

well written. yes corporates are more profit driven. loyalty doesn't count.

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Jayanth 13 May 2018

Wow...... Lovely poem brother

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Niharica Bhardwaj 11 September 2009

Right from the first line, the poem is a masterpiece! Lovely poem! ! ! Even I do hope someday I too write such great poems...

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Brishti Mazumdar 30 August 2009

Hey...I found it so free flowing...You have a stunningly clear thought process....10+....

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Omar Ibrahim 16 August 2009

wow! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! stunning! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! you are genius.........great poem i hope i can write like you one day...

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Frank Lambert 14 August 2009

Hi Vic, Nice write, you've turned Bangalored into one of my favourite words! Cheers, Frank

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