Dancing On Clouds Poem by Hazel Durham

Dancing On Clouds

Rating: 5.0

Dried leaves so brittle, breaking in the blustery wind,
Along avenues of cold, stark houses,
Introverted, conservative with spasms of hypocrisy,
She is never invited to tea,
In her world of been a misfit, for them all to see,
Its like been in a snake invested pit,
Hissing with their long, slimy tongues,
Flicking venom,
Like the bitter taste of sour lemons.
Endless concrete paved, along upstanding tree lined avenues,
Wide roads gaping, dividing and subsiding people,
She lives in a fantasy to cushion against the verbal abuse,
Letting her dreams run loose,
She choose nature's contrast to let go of the hidden past,
History swirling around like a ghostly shroud,
Pieces of her emotions ripped, torn and worn,
She is born to fall, fall down.
Defiant, but she is restrained, tied and bound,
Music lifts her weariness, finding kindness,
Love is her retreat it swims like a fun loving dolphin,
Just like candy so sweet
Blocking out mindblowing torture,
That is hard to endure.
Kisses, hugs and sentiments,
Is her holiday from an everyday punishing lent,
Vibes of bad thoughts which fought for her collaspe,
Is up against a serenade of passion,
With her keen sense of fashion
Helping her to pull through,
Relief at the freedom of sentencting this thief,
To never again allow anybody to give her grief,
Her music is booming out loud,
Now she is dancing on clouds.

This is about a young woman who doesn't fit in with her community because she is different, she is bullied but she finds her own solution. This poem is for anybody who has or is been bullied. Bullies are thieves they rob a persons peace of mind.
Valsa George 07 April 2013

There are bullies all around. But they can never be silenced. Finding ways to overcome the pain caused by such bullies is the only way out as the young woman has done, seeking delight in music and love. A great write! !

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Aftab Alam Khursheed 07 April 2013

Many ways to kill the grief in fact why there is a grief, in brief we must turn to see the nature the earth and its habitat, never hesitate each breathe will give you a new life, just try.....after all you have done it nicely

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Yasmin Khan 08 April 2013

It's victory over malice and manipulation. You' ve used contrasting images like snake, sour lemon vs dolphin and sweet candy to describe your theme. A good write

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Paul Brookes 14 April 2013

I know all about this and feel the sadness with her sometimes the only way to cope is to retreat into the musiac of life. A very good write thanks for sharing. BB: O{

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Anand Mishra 14 April 2013

i appreciate this! ! ! so good! !

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Dev Anand 12 April 2016

Love is her retreat it swims like a fun loving dolphin, Just like candy so sweet kisses and hugs.... Her music is booming out loud, Now she is dancing on clouds.... beautifulllllll sad, but sometimes it is the reality of life.... thank you daer poetess. dev

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Lyn Paul 01 May 2014

WE are all born to fall down yet the strength of this woman is so much more. She can see above the scars that have bullied her. She knows there is so much more to life. Thanks Hazel

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Mihaela Pirjol 05 March 2014

Sweet and sensitive.

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Geetha Jayakumar 03 August 2013

Wow Beautiful poem....Loved reading it..Thanks for sharing with us... Thanks you Hazel for the beautiful comment for my 100th poem..Thanks a lot.

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Ken E Hall 29 May 2013

Clever poem moving thru with a perfect ending being a dancer know the hissing sounds...funny some women have only to be beautiful to recieve the brunt of the snakes wrath...regards

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