Dark Skinned Vs Fair Skinned Poem by s.zaynab kamoonpury

Dark Skinned Vs Fair Skinned

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In our Asian-cum-Eastern land
No one prefers or admires
the dark-skinned or tanned

Gosh, as if the fair-skinned alone
belonged to the so-called fairer sex
And here, 'black is beauty' a phrase unheard
All falling for the fair almost in reflex!

Bachelors on the hunt for a non-fictional Asian 'Snow-white'
Even an ugly heart will do if the skin is white, pale and light

For them lighter skin tis brighter and better at beauty
even if superficial and skin-deep
The dark-skinned maidens thereby left to weep

But while the ebony dark- pigmented
go on applying fairness and lightening creams
The white Westerners frequented
the sunlit beaches for tans from sun beams!

Ah and though from the point of view of my motherland
I am luckier that God chose
to model me from a peachy whiter lighter clay,
I still feel this tug-of-war between complexions
needn't really join the fray.

For when you and I glance at Naomi Campbell
we know beauty can be white, brown and black as well
Like love, beautyknows no colour, creed or race
As gorgeously proved by this black supermodel.
Besides, we all have come across
both dark-skinned angelic saints
and fair-skinned folks with sinner's taints

Ah, Black Beauty, or Fair and lovely
Beauty has never known any bounds
For God He distributed beauty rather equally
No argument can last on these grounds

Oh, a soulmate's inner beauty ought to be earnestly sought
Too bad lustful passions fall for those merely externally hot.

Dark Skinned Vs Fair Skinned
Saturday, April 28, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: beauty
Dr Antony Theodore 28 April 2018

Bachelors on the hunt for a non-fictional Asian 'Snow-white' Even an ugly heart will do if the skin is white, pale and light Soul mate's inner beauty is what is important........ a nice theme exposed....... thank u dear poetess.. tony

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Lyn Paul 09 May 2019

It is the face that first captures but it doesn't determine if there is a beautiful heart in this soul. Wonderful words expressed.

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Nika Mcguin 11 March 2019

Well documented! I agree beauty isn't defined by color or even by race. Beauty is found in all shades!

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Katinka Havermans 13 October 2018

You are so right, Inner beauty is what counts! I live in the Netherlands (fair skinned) and through social media I made an Indian friend who is both beautiful on the inside as out. She and I have had the good fortune to meet last year and we are soulmates, friends. I don't like people hating on skin colour because they feel themselves 'superior' to the other. We are all one race, on one planet, one people! Beautiful put in a beautiful poem!

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Geetha Jayakumar 03 June 2018

Beautiful poem Zaynab. Every person is unique in one way or the other, the only difference seen is in physical appearance. This concept is slowly changing today. Self acceptance is the best way to deal with this. Loved the unique topic. Thanks for sharing.

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Cowboy Ron Williams 15 December 2021

Beauty is not determined by skin color. It starts in the heart.

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Pasquale Dimeola 13 September 2020

Tho the skin may be various colors- all hearts are red inside-the organ nearer the soul-Great poem-God bless you.

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Bri Edwards 21 August 2019

2 - Very Nice: " both dark-skinned angelic saints and fair-skinned folks with sinner's taints" " hot" , the last word, means " sexy' here, i'm sure. bri :) My Asian wife says I'm " pink" , not white. :)

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Bri Edwards 21 August 2019

1 - I'll take one of each of the above, pictured, 'girls'. thanks. please send C.O.D. ASAP. i like this line esp.: " Even an ugly heart will do if the skin is white, pale and light" MY choice would NeVER be an 'ugly heart', but i COULD 'go for ugly' if she were/was thin enough. ok, give me a 'LITTLE meat' on her bones!

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C F 07 August 2019

What is beauty but an arbitrary reckoning of what excites and amazes a person - there is beauty in everyone, regardless of color. You are brave to put this matter into your poetry! 10+

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