I'll Die Loving You Poem by GREENWOLFE 1962

I'll Die Loving You

Rating: 4.6

When I wake in early morn,
Each time the day is new.
I thank the Lord that you were born,
As I'll die loving you.

As I sit alone and pray
And cling to love so true,
I'll hope to see you once today
As I'll die loving you.

When I see the stars at night,
I wonder if you do.
And hope they have us both in sight
As I'll die loving you.

When I take my final rest,
This day, if life is through;
I'll thank the Lord I lived so blessed
That I died loving you.

I'll   Die   Loving   You
DAZZLIN DNA 18 November 2008


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~*~Secretive Shelby~*~ 27 November 2008

This was very beautiful Sweet, loving, clear, and beautiful Well done I give it a 10

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Marilyn Lott 29 November 2008

So loving and beautiful! A love that endures is the best love of all. Just wonderful and is a definite '10! ' Best Wishes, Marilyn

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Laila lili 18 January 2009

nice and great feelings........ well me too i will die reading your poems keep it up layla

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Pampero Jadan 22 January 2009

wonderful poem, it like a morning melody i guess the one u love if she read it she will die loving true passions rhymed well

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Chinedu Dike 29 September 2019

Beautifully conceived and nicely crafted with clarity of thought and mind. Lovely and very passionate.

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Bhagabat Prasad Hotta 12 November 2018

Most most emotional poem sir.....I love my mother.....Mother is the gift by the God........

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Cristy Upshaw 03 June 2009

stunning, touching words you have conveyed. it often seems when we are in love that one would die loving the other person and then so many yrs go by and another comes along and changes everything. loved the write, very powerful and filled with raw emotions.

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John Lyday 06 April 2009

There's an honesty to this poem that grips you.

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Hadyn Rodriguez 15 March 2009

you tell so much bout love its great i wish i could have that

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