Dear Reader - Αγαπητέ Αναγνώστη Poem by Kostas Lagos

Dear Reader - Αγαπητέ Αναγνώστη

Rating: 4.9

Dear reader, you will find no poems or songs here

Only the jeremiad of a soul whose downfall is near

Δε θα βρεις ποιήματα ή τραγούδια εδώ , αγαπητέ αναγνώστη

Μονάχα την ιερεμιάδα μιας ψυχής που 'ναι κοντά στην πτώση

Tuesday, March 12, 2019
Topic(s) of this poem: depression,sadness,sorrow
Dennis Ryan 12 March 2019

Kostas, again, I am hoping this poem is in the vein of your imagination, and nothing more, as it isn't consistent with other poems you have written that I've read. I hope all is well in Athens. Dennis

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Kostas Lagos 12 March 2019

It's not just imagination...Many poems are coming from my memories.

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Dennis Ryan 13 March 2019

This poem, based on memories, as you say, is nevertheless disconcerting because it is written in the present tense and alludes to future action, not past action. As Dillip K Swain suggests, it would be informative if you explained your thinking, your angle of thought that led to the writing of this poem. Best, Dennis

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Kostas Lagos 13 March 2019

It's quite simple. I take the person I was, in a difficult situation of the past, I'm bringing me into the present and I leave the poem open to future sorrows as they come and go...

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Jankovic Zoran 12 March 2019

Dear Kostas, This is the real jeremaid. Short, but poetry of sad soul.

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Richard Wlodarski 06 June 2022

Kostas, I'm so very happy that you've resurrected from this dark place to the abode of White Light!

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Sylvia Frances Chan 18 September 2021

We will surely find the words we wish in your brevity, KL (King Lear?) . We are sure of your gift and inspirations provided by God

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Varsha M 15 July 2021

Keep writing satire King. See k of king matches with your name k. I have to think new Christian name with same initials. Yeah this suits you Laughter King (KL)

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Varsha M 15 July 2021

I have learnt in life that when things act out difficult you better become unreachable do that they teach you lesson and depart.

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LeeAnn Azzopardi 18 June 2021

Oh No! Please continue to write because you give me a smile and hope

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