Friends.. Poem by Pirate Love Magic Man


Rating: 4.2

Here with my friends in thought,
I have found none to part,
One brave, , One strength
One hope, , One spirit
One soul, , One heart
One proud, , One sight
One smart, , One romance
One lust, , One light

Catrina Heart 17 July 2008

nicely crafted about friends...short and has its own uniqueness! ! ! ! ! ! !

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i love this poem. good job. thanks! !

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Harley Marie 17 July 2008

i'm not sure how i'm in it lol

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DELETED NOW 18 July 2008

I thought it would be more complex but it's good u must have a lot of friends.

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Always About love 18 July 2008

this is nice.. its good that you have these kind of friends.... i love what you put me as. thanks :)

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Daisy Calder 08 September 2009

a great poem-what a lovely and thoughtful gift for us.............10

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*Trusting You* 26 December 2008

Pirate Love + Purkey Girl =Strength and Playful Lust ;) all your friends are so lucky you are such a AWESOME guy. good job. Becca

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Anjali Sinha 01 December 2008

hey, I'am your friend too so where do I fit in small but cute poem lovvvvvv vit +++10 regards anju

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Miriam Maia Padua 01 December 2008

short but with complete meaning...complete circle of friends...beautiful style...

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It's a wonderful poem, I love it! Keep up the Great work!

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