Death Bed Poem by Whispering Rose

Death Bed

Rating: 5.0

I see them everynight
those ghosts in white
but i see no light
there supposed to be a light
they call my name
they reach for my hand
they show me my new home

every bone aches
every step is a challenge
i lay in a million little pieces
i lay as a soul fracture
my body is a buden
i'm bleeding pain
and every night they call me
to the land of the dead
my last destination
my grave

Unwritten Soul 14 September 2011

They cant pull you, No they dont...They just ghost of fears to visit probably, but the mission is just to remind you where we all will return, grave....To be ready, so if we think we are strong then soon still back to grave, if we think we better but we back to grave too...if we rich no gold sand use for us...then be the one who enjoy the life all the way with white soul...Dont be afraid my friend, No worries, push that away..The future is no one knows except Him...Just do your best and give all things to be great again here and afterlife...All life will die, just time will witness all...but for now try to do the best life you can try...keep good on your side! _Unwritten Soul

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Ency Bearis 10 November 2011

a deep thoughts you had presented here, full of emotion, great write

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Walid Boureghda 09 November 2011

Good choice of words...I loved your style and word structure! ! -

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Eric Cockrell 12 October 2011

the knocking of mortality on your door.... you will survive! death is not our enemy!

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Romeo Della Valle 09 October 2011

What a scary write based on a nightmare (most likely) but don't worry my dear that there is light at the end of the Tunnel! Stay on the bright side of life and move on! There are a thousand reasons to smile! 10+++Keep inspiring the World with more of your talented writes and hoping the next ones will be more cheerful! God Bless You! Love and Peace for always! Romeo from New York City! ...

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Stefanie Fontker 02 October 2011

I love this. Very beautiful writing, you delve deep into the meaning of death here. You have a talent, a very big one, keep on writing masterpieces like this one.

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