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Debut And You Spring Forth, Full Of Overconfidence.

Rating: 4.0

listen to you guys, it's the same goddamned shit all the time.
crack joe mama's behind the frick fine arts building—
stash the bottles of wine with Joel, he drank too much
puked in class. Posvar was closed again; lights are out.
there're kids fucking in the advisor's office.

quick bong hit, snowboard meeting,
followed by initiation for new girls.
seventeenth floor dorm room shout
rupture lounge window with sofa
next tv, hey, it's Eagles season.

dim library with fresh tuna and lettuce
atkins baby strict no carbs
pepper and
salt it.

study hard, lecture highlights
but mom i think i have ADD
no mom, i'm in love
with poetry.

Original Unknown Girl 27 October 2006

Fantastic.... a great journey into the pysche of those teenage minds! ! (I can almost remember!) HG x

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Anna Russell 27 October 2006

And we're in love with your poetry Sus. Hugs Anna xxx

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Will Barber 02 November 2006

An AK-47 of a piece. You blast away consensus reality, always.

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Ivan Donn Carswell 30 October 2006

It hits hard and square - with the kind of rap-brevity and word economy which is 'today', and like you say, 'you spring forth, full...' I enjoyed reading this. Ivan

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Tailor Bell 29 October 2006

as a coffee-drinker myself (wink) i've heard ozium for the uninitiated poet lovers could help save a window. enjoyable read. -Tailor

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Susan Jane>>>Have you been talkin' to my parents, bout my gang day's again? Well, as you know, i'm not a proponent of this particular style of verse... BUT WAIT...DON'T DELETE ME JUST YET...The facts are A) I Read it from stem to stern by choice B) The work as it applies to th'principles of good creative writing are ever present...C) Based on A & B....C =10'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''FjR

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Danny Reynolds 27 October 2006

I suppose there are worse things to be in love with? Danny

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