Dessert Deluge ..... [ 'Just' Desserts, Not 'Deserts'; Traveling Diet; Personal; Medium Length] Poem by Bri Edwards

Dessert Deluge ..... [ 'Just' Desserts, Not 'Deserts'; Traveling Diet; Personal; Medium Length]

My fabled flight to the fabulous East …..
brought, to me, a delicious dessert feast.

At daughter's in-laws I had cran-apple pie.
At daughter's, two Dutch apple pie; no lie.
At Karl's I had pecan pie, also "double",
and frozen yogurt there caused no trouble.

Let's not forget the McDonalds custard;
just one cone just don't ‘cut the mustard'.
Stops in Rochester brought to me more treats.
The more Bri (that's me) saw, the more he eats.

Apple pie and ice cream with Don and Jan;
I ate it quickly, as fast as this Bri-guy can.
Three buffet visits kept me dessert-healthy;
with ice cream and cake I was so wealthy.

A "frozen yogurt shop" visit was Jana's treat;
four small portions, different flavors, I did eat.
Then alone last night (with juice and meat) ……
brownie-cheesecake made my meal complete.

But despite the many sweets I did, this trip, seize,
I managed, into my westbound flight, to squeeze.
Yes, Bri's stomach and bowels met the true test,
but for a while at least, from desserts they'll rest.

(Sept.20 & 22)

Monday, September 22, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: sweets
i would have given this the topic 'desserts' but the best i could get from PH was 'sweets'; well that's close enough!

this is a follow-up to my poem about planning a trip across the u.s. to please my daughter, who has her first baby (a human one) . the desserts helped make up for the expense and inconveniences incurred by me. is 'incurred' the correct word, Valsa? ?

the original poem has been edited and the last two lines were added today. :) bri....... bon appetite!
Douglas Scotney 22 September 2014

what one deserves is one's desert, I discovered today in 'The Unbearable Lightness of Scones' and my dictionary

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Bhargabi Dei Mahakul 22 September 2014

But despite the many sweets.....many and many sweet your poem is. Nicely penned.

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Valsa George 23 September 2014

So, Bri has started consulting me in matters of spelling and etymology! ...... Oh let me keep my collar up......! As usual.... he is made happy with the deluge of sweets! Hope it will not lead to a deluge from his 'bottom end'! You are tempting us with your description of desserts galore! !

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Eugene Levich 26 September 2014

Ah! How much fun is the venial sin of gluttony! Wish I had been there with you, Bri-Guy! Glad you made it home safe and sound ... and round?

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Brian Johnston 25 September 2014

Boy, I have heard of self-indulgent poetry and poets before, but this time Bri truly takes the cake! : -)

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Noreen Carden 25 September 2014

Bri you always make me smile glad you enjoyed your trip very sweet poem

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Darlene Walsh 23 September 2014

LOL, welcome back Bri. Sounds like you ate well during your visitations. Hope every part of your trip was as enjoyable. Darla :)

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Savita Tyagi 23 September 2014

Apple pie, Pecan pie and ice cream! Total bliss!

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