Do Not Ask, My Love..... Poem by Faiz Ahmed Faiz

Do Not Ask, My Love.....

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Do not ask, my love, for the love we had before:
You existed, I told myself, so all existence shone,
Grief for me was you; the world’s grief was far.
Spring was ever renewed in your face:
Beyond your eyes, what could the world hold?
Had I won you, Fate’s head would hang, defeated.
Yet all this was not so, I merely wished it so.
The world knows sorrows other than those of love,
Pleasures beyond those of romance:
The dread dark spell of countless centuries
Woven with silk and satin and gold braocade,
Bodies sold everywhere, in streets and markets,
Besmeared with dirt, bathed in blood,
Crawling from infested ovens,
My gaze returns to these: what can I do?
Your beauty still haunts me: what can I do?
The world is burdened by sorrows beyond love,
By pleasures beyond romance,
Do not demand that love which can be no more.

sagar 14 December 2018

need some explaination all so other than good

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Jamil Lone 22 February 2017

Great translation of one of the greats of Urdu. In Urdu, his poetry is incredible.

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Susan Williams 07 December 2015

Very very heartachingly true

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Fabrizio Frosini 07 December 2015

''Beyond your eyes, what could the world hold? '' so beautiful.. In Italian: ''Oltre ai tuoi occhi, cosa potrebbe il mondo contenere? ''

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Syed Ahmed Shah 10 November 2013

Very poor translation.

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Faiz Ahmed Faiz

Faiz Ahmed Faiz

Sialkot / British India
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