Forest Sprite Poem by Linda Ori

Forest Sprite

Rating: 3.4

There was a little fairy
Sat beneath a tree -
Humming to her tiny self
A haunting melody;
Just a little tinkle
Was all that I could hear
Floating on the evening breeze
High and crystal clear;
Surrounded by a rainbow,
Sparkles lit the air -
Tiny wings did flutter
Sprinkling gold dust in her hair;
A tiny little forest sprite
Had slipped the bonds of space,
Perhaps a mere imagined thought
Had brought her to this place;
How sweet the sound she echoed
Within this forest spot -
Though I had never seen a sprite
Her image now I caught;
This tiny little fairy
Sat beneath a tree -
Humming to her tiny self
A haunting melody.

Danny Reynolds 22 August 2006

Absolutely charming Linda, and for my money, would stand out as a children's classic. (Unlike my imp!) Danny

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Linda, this is just magically perfect. I can just imagine it as a poem in an illustrated children's fairytale book; though your portayal is so detailed, little illustration needed! t x

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Erhard Hans Josef Lang 22 August 2006

What a lovely, enchanting nice piece - this wonderful poem of yours. It is truly divine! The more often one reads it, the clearer one gets a feeling for the presence of such endearing sprites like the one in your forest.

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A. J. Mckinley 22 August 2006

This should be set to music. I could almost hear the sounds of the dirgeful bagpipes accompanied by a melodic violin. I agree with Erhard, it is divine. Amy

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Alison Cassidy 22 August 2006

Linda this is adorable, written with magic and sparkle in true fairy tale fashion. It reminds me of my little threes and fours dancing to Vivaldi with toadstools and tiny wands. Loved it. Allie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Jennifer Razee 11 August 2018

What year was this poem published?

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carmen debnar 15 May 2018

i thourt this was about the soft drink

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Rajesh Thankappan 31 January 2015

This poem is having a rich melody and imagery. Almost felt like hugging that charming little fairy.

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I love fairies.Congratulations on the book...a ten from me.

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David Harris 03 April 2007

Linda, I needed something to lift me up and this little dancing poem did that. Top Marks from me. Thanks for sharing it. David

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