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Dragonflies Over My Pond - Poem by Valsa George

In my garden is a clean little pond
Fructified by tadpoles besides tiny fish
Where water lilies bloom by day
White and violet, a lovely sight

Over it hover pairs of dragonflies
They come in plenty on summer days
When the day is bright, soon after morn
To lay their eggs on lily pads
Like helicopters, they skim up and down
With their tiny propellers coming down
Sometimes like surfers over the aqua blue,
Perform rare feats, with brisk movements
Their filmy gossamer wings glistening in sunlight
And their bulging eyes reflecting iridescent shades

If ever we try to catch one…., sensing danger
They would rocket up, as fleeting flashes of light,
Into the air…. gliding and spiraling

In my sixties, whenever I spot a dragonfly
My mind catches up with those memories
When as children we chased them, 'hush hush'
Trying to trap them while they perched on a fence or pole

How delighted we were holding them in our fingers
As they helplessly shivered thrumming their filmy wings!
Making them lift small stones double their weight
In their quivering thread like hands, a huge task for them,
Had been our greatest thrill then…!
Were we sadists…… I still wonder!

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Comments about Dragonflies Over My Pond by Valsa George

  • Bri Edwards (10/15/2015 8:41:00 PM)

    oh, yes, i remember now; the sadistic activities of Valsa, revealed. :) (Report) Reply

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  • Daniel Brick (9/26/2015 11:24:00 AM)

    Lovely photograph, illustrating your verbal description. WERE WE SADISTS? No, you were curious and playful. But an older child, who earlier satisfied that curiosity, can't claim the excuse. But today, fully aware of the creature's fragility, you observe but don't interfere. That's maturity and responsibility, but the wonderful thing is I still sense the child's sheer wonder in your adult observation and meditation. (Report) Reply

  • Tirupathi Chandrupatla (9/21/2015 7:10:00 PM)

    Chasing dragonflies was a great delight of yesteryears. It is a wonderful feeling to read the poem and revisit the past. Thank you for a beautiful poem. (Report) Reply

  • Akhtar Jawad (9/20/2015 5:32:00 AM)

    Were we sadists…… I still wonder!
    A child cannot be a sadist, as sadism has an element of violent sex, it was just a naughty Valsa like any other naughty child.
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  • Lyn Paul (9/19/2015 4:42:00 PM)

    Beautiful words and how soothing just admiring these harmless fascinating insects.
    Thank you Valsa
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  • Madathil Rajendran Nair (9/18/2015 11:31:00 PM)

    Beautiful poem. Dragon flies all around. (10) (Report) Reply

  • Bri Edwards (9/18/2015 9:27:00 PM)

    are you SURE you didn’t make up a word? ! …..”fructified”
    oops! I guess not.

    past tense: fructified; past participle: fructified
    1. make (something) fruitful or productive.
    o bear fruit or become productive.

    “They would rocket up, as fleeting flashes of light, “ ………………yes, I would do the same! love the alliteration.

    I would not have thought of Valsa as being a sadist ……………., BUT if she says so, it must have been so!

    I think ants can carry much more than twice their weight. I might be able to carry half my weight, maybe twice if it were a container of ice cream someone gave to me.

    bri :)

    p.s. nice photo, in the style of Kim Barney!
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  • Savita Tyagi (9/18/2015 9:34:00 AM)

    Lovely poem. Those childhood memories filled with beauty and wonders of nature all come back looking at dragon fly. Yes many butterflies lost their wings between our little fingers but we knew nothing better then go after our small explorations. (Report) Reply

  • Fabrizio Frosini (9/18/2015 4:56:00 AM)

    '' Were we sadists…… I still wonder! ''

    had you (all children) known, that time, how to correctly behave with Nature, you would have behaved differently, for sure, not allowing those poor dragonflies experience any torture.. This is one of many meditations your excellent poem makes arise, Valsa.. Parents/relatives should read your poem to nowadays children, to let them understand and respect all creatures and the beauty of Nature..
    Thank you and.. greetings from Tuscany :)
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  • Akhtar Jawad (9/16/2015 8:34:00 PM)

    Sweet beautiful and touching are Valsa's songs, I am always lost in the the lovely ding dongs. (Report) Reply

  • Kumarmani Mahakul (9/16/2015 2:10:00 PM)

    How delighted we were holding them in our fingers
    As they helplessly shivered thrumming their filmy wings!
    Making them lift small stones double their weight
    In their quivering thread like hands, a huge task for them,
    Had been our greatest thrill then…!
    Were we sadists…… I still wonder! ...........So nicely speculated the real sight of holding dragonflies though it is very sadness for them. Beautiful poem based on child hood. Thanks for shaing......10
    (Report) Reply

  • Mohammed Asim Nehal (9/16/2015 5:41:00 AM)

    A poem with full of imagery, memories with a philosophical touch. With age we analyze every past act differently, with age we are spontaneous and do what we see or what we feel right. Your poem took me back to my childhood when we used to catch them for fun and soon set them free after every catch. Yet another great poem, thanks for sharing. (Report) Reply

  • Roop Rekha Bhaskar (9/16/2015 3:56:00 AM)

    You evoke such memories! those that lie in our subconscious; i watch them too. but unfortunately in not so beautiful surroundings. You see beauty in all. From the flowers to the water. From the stone to the sun. Again i say you are beautiful inside too. Nature poems inspires me. It makes me.... just happy. Thank you (Report) Reply

  • (9/16/2015 3:51:00 AM)

    Beautifully written by a nature lover.
    Very refreshing and educational.
    Thank you Valsa for sharing.
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  • Kelly Kurt (9/16/2015 12:14:00 AM)

    More a part of the exploration of growing up than sadism.: -)
    A lovely poem, Valsa. I find dragonflies fascinating and beautiful too
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    (9/16/2015 3:55:00 AM)

    The dragonflies above the waters high,
    swirl and sway in a cluster so gay.
    Agree with you Kelly

  • Sanjukta Nag (9/16/2015 12:13:00 AM)

    Awesome use of imagery with nostalgic memories of childhood. Have never enjoyed the thought of a dragonfly this much before reading the poem. Thanks a lot ma'am. (Report) Reply

  • (9/16/2015 12:11:00 AM)

    Four wings Dragon Flies have,
    But this poem has much more,
    It makes us fly away,
    With images and words
    We just adore,
    A precious poem to well store.

    Just lovely! So simple, so intensely and well described, the reader is perfectly carried away to the marvelous scene and its memories. A great and soothing experience, to be remembered!
    Just loved it.
    (Report) Reply

  • Rajnish Manga (9/16/2015 12:08:00 AM)

    Thanks for sharing a wonderful poem which again reflects your deep love for nature. Apart from vivid details of the pond and the flowers it abounds, the poem takes us down memory lane where Helicopter flies aka Dragonflies make their presence felt with their frolicking moves. A pair of these flies hovering over the pond present such a lovely scene. Great poem. (Report) Reply

    Valsa George (9/16/2015 7:33:00 AM)

    As ever it is a pleasure getting a comment from you Rajnish Sir. One who writes mostly in Hindi, enjoying poems written in English and commenting on them in beautiful English! Thank you so much!

  • (9/16/2015 12:06:00 AM)

    Childhood memories always give delight. The act as salt and add flavor to life. One gets thrilled by a lot of things in childhood and since there is no much understanding/maturity at that stage, one may get thrilled by putting some one else to hardships. Such childish acts can not be labeled as sadist, in my opinion. Anyway, superb flight of imagery and recollections. Enjoyed the poem. (Report) Reply

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