Dream House Poem by lily peace lago every by to ph

Dream House

Rating: 4.6

It is the dream house for her
built with love and charm
the coolest clouds ever there
where the hot sunny rays are the light!
taking bath in the showering rain
and the mist is the mirror for her
wearing the blue sky
where the rainbow decoring her flowing hair
twinkling star in her studded nose
brighten her face in shy and warm!
dew as ear ring and the shine
reflect the moon rays....
the house in vermillon colour
built in the sky with love and charm
flying around with her
green carpet plains
pouring silver falls
golden desert dunes
shining flowers in the sky
roaring sea in the night
it is the dream house
me flying with her
built in the sky with love and charm.........

Ejaz Khan 17 August 2009

Beautiful imagery, lovely write!

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Ramesh T A 17 August 2009

A dream house is going to become a reality with Space Station and A Moon Life is also possible as I have said in my poem, Lago! Nice dream!

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Noel Horlanda 20 September 2009

to build a house out from true love is always a dream of a married woman.And in that dream house born a happy family that live ever after. A great idea for a great theme. Well penned...

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Sarwar Chowdhury 19 August 2009

great is your power of eloquence! fine wording! 10+

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Rm. Shanmugam Chettiar 18 August 2009

imaginative poem well illustraed.10 shan

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Rakesh Bedi 17 August 2009

What an imagination, lago lago; mind blowing! ! !

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Catrina Heart 17 August 2009

A beautiful and lovely poem and theme.......the dream house built with love and charm.....awesome...10+++++++++

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