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Dream Life - Poem by Justin Darner

A Dream: by justin darner

Life, how can i explain how i feel when someone says this word. I sit here at this computer challenging myself on what to type up for others to read and try to understand me. When someone says life, i get the mental picture of a dove, sitting on a tree thats charcoaled from fire. With the skies torn red and black with epony. This tree is in a park where children used to play, but the toys there are dismembered and broken. The swings are at there usual, slinging into each other because of the new wind that has been created. How does this dove survive this, this world is a place for the hate filled, and putred corpses. So it seems. Theres a child now...

He's walking to the swings as if there is nothing wrong in this world. He flips his hoody from his long, black cloak, completely escaping and concealing his face from the sand that this dreaded wind is trying to tear him down with. He thinks nothing of it, he sits on these rusted swings. Just sits, looking like a sadistic porceline doll with a cloak darker than the night itself. He looks around at this world, and sees skeletons on the sidewalk being slowly dismembered by a single jet black crow. This child, doesnt seem like a child at all. It as if seems that he was born into a world where kindness and love, along with innocence would surely be punishable by noose. The crows have to eat something.

His skin is as pale as the bones of small child, that seems restless lying up aside the charcoaled tree. And as this child is looking around at this enmemberment, this collapse of society. This death mind-feild. He twists his chapped lips into a demeaning smile. This surely cant be a child, what kind of child has tattoos scratching at his face and arms as if recently attacked by a pack of wolves. He looks to the tree and sees this beautiful vanilla white dove stretching its wings on the tree in the park. You cant see his eyes because of the way his head is rested on his shoulders, only his lips. And as he sees this dove his psychotic smile turns to a straight edged line. As if he was sudenly peirced with something made of fire.

And instead of shooing this animal away he whistles, the dove ignores him. And at this time its the crow that flies and softly lands on the childs shoulder starting to bite of the ashes that are on his cloak, as if a servant called to recieve a bidding. The dove ignored him as if he was nothing, meaningless, or invisible. Filled with rage he slowly walks up to the tree looking like a ghost, not walking in his unfriendly and cocky manner, but floating soflty but abrutly at the same time towards the tree. He stops and the trunk of the tree looking right into this fearless animals bright ble eyes. How did this bird get here, does in know of this child's power that it seems so likely to posses. The child stares at this dove know with wonder, and excell. As if reading its mind and knowing its thoughts with just a stare. At this time his crow flies to perch next to it. The dove starts to glow as this dead crow with eyes of blood red gets closer. A glow of white and gold.

At this the child lets out a scream of agony and hate. Shaking the world around him, As his servants approach. Hundreds of his little black crows appear in the skies heading for the tree and in less than 10 seconds every crow in this little town is now perched on tree ready for the go ahead from there master. To unhinge there hate on this dove that was now glowing a bright gold and red. The child laughes at this little creatures courage, because the dove is acting as if there arent any crows snapping at him from evry diameter. The bird would surely die...and become a part of this world. This child removes his hood, as if wanting this bird to only see him, his face as a gift to it before its sure death. The child is calm now and still studying the dove, looking it up and down. Why is this dove......Why......How. How is it now scared, how is it so brave. Its courage is remarkable. Now seeming confused the child lifts his arms like as if praying to the skies.

The wind picks up tremendously, the black eyed clouds turn and twist into a zest pool of death. Lighting strikes around him and continues to strike around the tree. Burning holes in this playground of corruption. The child stops, lets his arms slide to his sides and the wind and lightning stop, he looks to the dove still surrounded by its enemies and its calmer than ever, Perking its head around as if amuzed. WHAT! Where did this bird come from, why is it here. Questions filled the childs head.

He looks to the dove's eyes again as if challenging it. Its bright blues eyes filled with innocence, and compassion. Or was it determination and Love. Against his ruby red eyes, filled with confusion, as well as intellect, and purpose. But also filled with a deep hate and admiration, for his new rival! What would he do, he starts to think. What would be the point in ending this creatures life. As this new sensation, or feeling started to arise in him the longer he stared into those fearless blue eyes. He had felt this feeling before and knew what it could bring to his reign in this world. But there was no denying that this monster of a human, this pale child wearing his body black cloak that escapes even himself in the shadows. The urge to let this feeling arise in him. It felt good. It felt amazing! But he was scared of loosing his powers. The world was not fair to him, not at all. But with what he was now he could make it fair, and less complicated. His power and determination to hate saved him from future heartache. How could he be thrown out, cast out. Denied, of being able to help himself along with others. If there were'nt any others. He had killed them all.

Everyone, because he was given the oppurtunity. Humans he knew in themselves, were greedy, loathing, slothing, filled with evil lust, as well as envy. Wrath declined the human percentage. And pride deleted there care for others. People took advantage of what they were given. GIVEN, as a gift only to throw it away the next day exspecting better. Instead of making it better themselves. He laughed at the way they pleaded for thier lives as he sent there souls into the forbidden blackness, as they wept for the ones they supposibly loved. If they loved they would have made a difference, taken what they had and used it to help instead of exspect more....and more... more. But was that all there was in the world. Blackness............

He challenged his own concepts on this matter, of what had recently happened. And he could not deny that he had felt the feeling this dove was Gifting him with during his pitiful and crude lifetime. He deeply yearned for that feeling again. As he tried to deny the existence of its purpose. He looked around at this new world he himself had the choice of making. And he loved it. But how could he say he loved it, if he didnt believe in love. As he asked himself if he really and trully believed in love his eyes started to twist in color. As if a spiritual war inside him was battleing red vs blue. The hate that resided in him for so long against the new accured feeling that he was now feeling. He could feel demons, his friends around him. Fighting for what he had done to this world, and these new angels he thought never to exist be seemed to have a greater soul purpose for wanting to win the war inside him own self. The war continued. The boy twitching, sraping at his face, and scratching, or attacking the the skies.

He laughed at the attempt of the angels, and at the same time he cried out for this amazing feeling he was sure now to be real. To really exsist. It had to. The crows stood watching as if in mockery and disgust. There pride filled eyes disgusted with the war that they knew was happening inside there master. As the dove still stood calmer and peaceful as ever!

The boy with his crude and evil figure fell to his knees. But scrambling to get on his feet. He couldnt breathe. His power he could feel was escaping him. Which he did and didnt want to happen. His eyes, his mind corrupted and distrought because of the war was smothering him. Then all went black....He had given in to the feeling the dove had GIFTED him with. And he decided that if he did not take this feeling for granted he would surely become everything he had loathed and destroyed..... HE woke from a dream just a normal boy of 7. His skin was peach and full of life agian. His eyes werent filled with tears of hate anymore. They stood out to be a Beautiful light brown color. He had hair again. Dirty blonde. He looked around the park with its green and lively trees swaying the the breeze. The skies were there beautiful blue and white with the sun starting to down behind the mountains. Turning these new skies into blue purple and pink rays of light. Bursting with flavor. The air was cool and the breeze refreshing. The park was colorful and lively with children again.

He learned something. His life was crude to him, unfair. Filled with hating people. With what seemed noone to love him and adore him. He thought he had nothing. Untill, just as simply as looking up to the sky he appreciated the colors. The smell of rain on concrete. The demons were still around, but so were the angels. Everything seemed even and fair, though he had nothing. This was the happiest he had ever been though he knew he would have to return home to fighting parents. Then being jumped tomorrow at school for this beautiful color of peach that overdured his body.

His mother called out to him. ' JUSTIN! you have been napping over there in the park for like 3 hours. Lets go....'. AS he walked him by himself he looked back at that tree he was exspecting to turn black and charoaled again. To see the uplifting colors of green purple and red. There sat a vanilla dove perched looking at him with its blue eyes. Perching around as if yet agian amuzed and happy. Then. Right then a crow perched up alongside it. With a peice of what was sure to be a part of some dead animal. This he laughed at and understood.....Life!

Take advantage of the oportunities your provided to show love to people. To try to help the world.
Because at that same time people are taking advantage of the evil oportunities they are be provided with.

Do you think when someone prays for courage. God gives them courage, or provides that person with the oportunity of being courages!

The End

P.S. ask yourself questions throught out this.
What would have happened if he had the crows attack the dove?
Was it all only a dream?
Why would he laugh at the crow at the end?
And most imporantly...what do you take for advantage. And why?

Thanks for reading everyone i would appreciate if you could tell me what you think the story is all about, and if you got anything out of it. And be blunt. And truthfull.


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