Dreams Poem by Deep Mukherjee


Rating: 4.5

A breeze rustles through
On the greenish - brown hills;
Scattering raindrops of different colours
Puddles the flood of green paddy-fields;
Oh! the smell of damp-brown earth!
A gentle Easterly
A fading rain-bow
Slowly fades into the mist of
A silent lonely night;
Oh! the lonely southern star!
Tell me where I'm going?
This dreary desert of darkness
Engulfs me slowly like death;
Visions juxtaposed
Slowly driving me to insanity
Drinking poison in name of life!
Is this the Holy Grail?
Or I'm losing my mind?
There ain't a paddy field!
Easterly hasn't blown for years;
There ain't any Holy Grail!
Life flooded by the rain of tears-
It has been just a dream
I try to console my mind;
But I don't need a pinch to wake up;
This pain is just fine!
Oneday it will be time to wake
To witness a smiling spring
Like a nightingale chanting in dream
And endearing raptures in every swing.........

Nivedita Moitra 30 January 2012

so near and yet so far is nature. Beautiful poem.

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Aastha Uppal 31 January 2012

realism of life expressed explicitly through the fictitious world of dreams.. nice write yet again! ! !

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(De Va) 31 January 2012

A wondrous poem written from your soul. I could see, smell and hear your world... blessings

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Shivani Gupta 18 August 2012

Nice poem..I like the way you have described the transition from the dream to reality

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Amy Marie 18 February 2012

Very descriptive and good word choice. It sounds like you're also talking about being lost in some way, which is hightly relatable :)

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Wahab Abdul 05 February 2012

What a nice poem is it! Nice words have been used in the poem. The quality of the poem is in its flow, the texture of the poem is knitted well, the theme is fantastic, a very good image has been created.The another quality of the poem is its mystic music. It is a great poem.I like the poem; I enjoyed it while reading too. I am giving you 100/100..Keep it up. And at last I like to thank you for sharing this superb poem among us.

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Ramesh Rai 01 February 2012

in dream, the soul wonders everywhere. nice

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Cosmic Dreamer 31 January 2012

A wondrous journey of the mind... Very well done...

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