Elvis From Memphis Poem by Sylvia Frances Chan

Elvis From Memphis

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Elvis From Memphis
(Memo: the tenses in the grammar are purposely put that way)

As a teenager
I like Elvis from Memphis very much,
he sings as no other,

James Dean with his fast cars,
he looks truly handsome

Rock Hudson is an excellent actor,
then there is Elizabeth Taylor,

she has dark black hair and deep blue eyes,
seems to have stepped out of Rembrandt's painting,

but now they are all dead!
Elvis having slicked too many pills,
found on the floor of his bathroom,

James Dean died in his leisure time from a car crash,
his sportive red car crashes against a farmer's tractor,
he died immediately at the place,

Rock Hudson died a very slow death, he suffered from aids,
all have awful faces when they died,
but when Lizzy died, she still had that Beauty!

©Sylvia Frances Chan - All Rights Reserved
Dutch Poetess, Critic, and World-Traveler

Elvis From Memphis
Sunday, August 21, 2022
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Freeyad Ibrahim 21 August 2022

Elvis Presley was deeply affected by (The Prophet) by Gibran Khalil. One of his most notable lines made song by the Beatles. It reads: (Half what I say is meaningless, but I say it so that the other half may reach you.)

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Sandra Feldman 23 August 2022

Dear Sylvia, yo so captured their essence and life of them all, in this wonderful, realistic poem that says so much and so wel; and deeply said! Truly, impressive and unforgettable

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Richard Wlodarski 22 August 2022

Sylvia, as I'm reading your great tribute, I'm looking at a hand-made piece of art of James Dean's car with him, Marilyn and a couple of actors inside a diner. Your poem will now be etched in my mind!

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Richard Wlodarski 24 August 2022

Sylvia, Elvis was born 35 minutes after his stillborn twin brother. I too had a stillborn brother. So, when I had almost died at 14 months old, my parents had totally freaked out. And here I am at 70 years of age. God does indeed work miracles!

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Sylvia Frances Chan 23 August 2022

Thank you so much, Richard for your great support, Elvia was the part of a twin, but his bro sadly enough died when still a kid

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Kim Barney 21 August 2022

Elvis is remembered and loved by many, but he was actually from East Tupelo, Mississippi. I actually have a poster of James Dean which I will be giving to my sister the next time I see her. She was a big James Dean fan back in the day.

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Freeyad Ibrahim 21 August 2022

You may add Marilyn Monroe, Maradona, Michail Jackson to the list Sylvia...Ernest Hemmengway too...that is best examples of unhappy rich...Sincerely Freyad Hugo

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Freeyad Ibrahim 21 August 2022

It is a brief tragic end if the great shiny stars in the pastime..enjoyed it very much Dear Sylvia..

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