Eritrea Poem by Luwi Habte


Rating: 4.8

The country of mine
Which is better than fine
Comfort to survive rich through the nature
Reliable life is there with a beautiful culture

Sweetable temperature with neatness of the city
Caring of the people huh! so beauty
Almost there is no crime, it is peaceful life
A wonderful area, all the time, safe

For the demanded facilities there is valuable supply
It is to be ready every thing can be apply
And with the fast postal service it never deny
Everyone there is especial, each and every Eritrean guy!

Johannes Yeboah 14 April 2009

nice poem about your country..very partriotic! !

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Akram Awadat 18 April 2009

well, very nice poem, wonderful

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Efe Benjamin 18 April 2009

i love this poem.luwi keep it up.

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Sameer Ahmed 18 April 2009

A person who loves his or her homeland and likes to maintain his or her originality is really a good patriot.....The ourpouring of love for the homeland is very much refined in this beautiful poem.....10/10 Best Wishes Sameer

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Dr.subhendu Kar 12 April 2009

yet it seems to be a divine land - the rarest of rares by life and living in the world of crisis at criss-cross., ingenious write,10+, thanks for sharing

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Raj Nandy 15 November 2009

It is indeed very heartning to learn about the peace and tranquility in Eritrea! I have been making notes about the Human Rights problems in next door Somalia for a research paper! Things are just opposite there! Thanks for sharing! -Raj

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The country of mine Which is so fine Comfort to survive rich through the nature Reliable life is......... a country to feel proud of AND WHY NOT....10 READ MINE MARTYRES AND BULLET PROOF

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A . 23 July 2009

good! ! ....... :)

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Saadat Tahir 11 July 2009

utopia...nirvana.... where the visa section... but a degree of poetic flourish we can enjoy...great patriotic lines strong lines full of ardour and conviction....well done cheers

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Ravi A 11 May 2009

A nice work on your country. A country having almost no crimes! Where in the world is your place? I haven't heard of it. Read my 'My hamlet', , 'A pilgrimage' etc. Keep writing. May god bless you.

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