Dilantha Gunawardana

Eternal Grace (Your Hips My Love) - Poem by Dilantha Gunawardana

I could feel the thumping thunder
Of what crashes to earth
To the soil of my body
Where no mosel of me would feel abandoned
Or neglected or unappreciated
Your hips, the curvature and the coastline
What steadies my gaze
And concentrates my insanity
Caught in a rush of maddening lust

I hold your ivory frontier
On the dance floor
Where your elegant evening dress
Falls to cover yet fails to arrest my trekking palms
As I linger on in touch
Like holding a tender cradle
Swaying to a paltry mistral
I slowly follow your hip bones
As everything in me blooms
The soul saturated with feeling
And the man in me armed
By the surging surf of blood
Of your wilderness that I hold now in palm
And the wait that lingers on
In the absence of a pledge and a ring

As I gently let go of you
At the eclipse of silence, in the aftermath of a serenading tune
As I follow your hips, like a slave to his mistress
As I search for a grain of sanity, submerged in thoughts of love
Of the depths of our affection
And our unborn children
In the fecundity of your hips
The basin that can hold man or woman, even both
In a miracle that can only be bared
By two souls in the asymmetry
Of Yin and Yang

Your hips that flow and ebb
Like the Indian Ocean
With a whirlpool at the center
Where I plant playful baby kisses
Scanning her perimeter
Your navel that nourishes the boy in me
Who grazes and plays in the vertigo
On the epicenter of your hips
Where rests enumerable possibilities
Of tequila shots and sips of wine
Of grapes and strawberries
Your beautiful keyhole
That ushers in an inlet to your soul

Your hips my love
That dazzle and bedazzle me
Saturating me with lust
And soaking me in love
And I am the drifter that found Eden
In your luscious curves
What will always hold me at hello
In the sweetest indulgence
Of finding my home
In the promise-land
Of your fertile crescent

Topic(s) of this poem: woman

Poet's Notes about The Poem

A woman's hips

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Poem Submitted: Monday, March 30, 2015

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