Evening Breeze Poem by Paul Reed

Evening Breeze

Rating: 4.9

When the evening breeze
Ruffled the leaves in the half-light
I felt the greatness in the air,
Just standing there;
The quietness absorbed all thoughts
And carried me away to another place
A place where everything was all right
With no need for night;
And in that moment I knew
That everything that had happened,
Or was going to be,
Was down to me, just me;
The breeze carried the sorrow away
Into the clouds that slid over the trees,
And left me alone

Tuesday, June 17, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: life
Bernard F. Asuncion 28 August 2017

Such a heartwarming poem....congrats for being selected...Rated 10+++++

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Geoffrey Fafard 28 August 2016

The simple and the complex all wrapped in the words of this wonderful poem.Thank you Paul.

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Tom Allport 28 August 2017

a reflective poem of being aware that we alone choose the path we take in life? .............well written PGR.

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Pamela Sinicrope 28 August 2016

Sunset and blowing leaves imagery....beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

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Our twisty evening breeze usually shows up when we want to bbq but you made the breeze sound gentle in your poem- a thought perhaps that came and went..lovely poem..

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Chinedu Dike 29 January 2020

Well expressed thoughts and feelings. An insightful poem with beautiful rendition of words. Thanks for sharing.

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alan brown 18 May 2018

Fantastic poem.well written Paul

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Dr Antony Theodore 12 May 2018

, tranquil peace, calmness, aloneness as against loneliness....these are beautiful experience which lifts the soul up to God....... thank u dear poet. tony

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Akhtar Jawad 12 May 2018

The breeze carried the sorrow away Into the clouds that slid over the trees, Dew drops I see someone's tears in you. Such a lovely poem!

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Bernard Snyder 28 August 2017

The imagery was really brilliant in this poem. Great poem! Congrats, and well deserved! ! 10+++

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