Falling Hairs, A Curious Thing! Poem by M. Asim Nehal

Falling Hairs, A Curious Thing!

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Falling hairs, a curious thing,
It may be a condition that makes us sting.

Thinning tresses, is it a sign of age?
or can it also be called a symbol of sage?

People say if you are hairless, you are wealthy-
are they serious or playing some game, filthy

Is the hairless scalp, a mark of riches?
I seriously doubt on their stealth and guises.

For those of us with scanty locks,
we may feel like we are going down the docks.

But fear not, for knowledge comes with oldness
And hair loss can be a sign of baldness.

So, embrace your shedding strands,
And don't bother buying those pricey haircare brands.

We all know that humor is the best remedy,
and bald jokes will bring out of enough comedy.

Cheers to the hairless and wise,
and to those who have hair, protect it from flies!

Tuesday, May 30, 2023
Topic(s) of this poem: humorous,hair,falling
Rajan T Renganathan 30 May 2023

I am almost bald, i tried many things but nature has taken its course and left me with few hairs now, had you written it before I would have killed all the flies that have taken my hairs and flew away, time is nobody's ally. Full Stars

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Bharati Nayak 01 June 2023

A humerous and witty poem.It is a fact that hairloss is a concern for all, be men or women.But when our trials fail to stop it, it is wise to accept.Like aging, it may happen.

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Richard Wlodarski 31 May 2023

I'm balding in the back where I can't see it...so, it's not so bad. No point in trying to fight the inevitable. Your hilarious poem made me laugh at how vain some men are. And I also laughed at Rajan's witty comment. With all this laughter, I should have some incredibly wonderful dreams!

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" bald jokes will bring out of enough comedy." Like David, I have got all mine, well, almost. Albeit with a spray of salt and pepper! 5*

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" bald jokes will bring out of enough comedy.

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David Wood 30 May 2023

I've still got all mine though not as dark as it use to be.

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