Famous Last Words Poem by Susan Williams

Famous Last Words

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It is a complex and amazing thing
to be a wife and mother
- -isn't it?
We took these roles on so willingly
after dreaming about them from childhood on
- -didn't we?
It was to be our joy
forever and ever amen
- -wasn't it?
We were princesses
looking for our charming prince
- -weren't we?
And we were wedded and bedded
and bore sweet sweet baby heirs and heiresses
- -didn't we?
Then we found ourselves ruling a kingdom
of bills and dirty diapers and unmown lawns
of T-ball and birthday parties and P.T.A. meetings
of sweet babies turning into rebellious teens
of reminding ourselves daily it is our duty
[that we took on quite willingly],
of reminding ourselves daily it is an honor
[that no one recognizes and rewards]
Yes we were princesses who grew up to be queens
and actually rule a kingdom now
- - unfortunately our kingdom rules us as much as we rule it.
Our souls get restless when our charming princelings
and our queens-in-waiting are gone to school
- - -don't they?
Our hearts begin yearning to visit other realms
to win applause and international renown
- - -don't they?
Our minds are spinning with dreams of glory
or at least a little recognition and respect
- - -aren't they?
Our lives need to express themselves
in authorship, paintings hung in galleries, or a shop making money
- - -don't they?
But can we do it? Can we rule our little kingdoms
and rule them well if we add a career as well?
- - -can't we?
And we do want to do these things well- -
we were brought up to want to do these things well- -
and our very pride demands we do these things well- -
after all we dreamed of our prince charmings and our babies sweet
and we found ourselves ruling our little kingdoms like conscientious little queens
Now we want more but at what cost we wonder
Can we- can we- can we still please Prince Charming
and raise good and brave and true heirs to the years to come
can we still do as we ought as well as what we want
Can we rule our kingdoms well
if we add a career as well?
[I wonder if that is the meaning of the ancient phrase-
hoist by our own petard]
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ©2016 Susan Williams.

Monday, October 10, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: careers,decisions,mothers,women
Valsa George 14 October 2016

You have voiced the aspirations and the true accomplishments of a woman so beautifully well! But unfortunately our targets and our achievements often do not tally! Yet we strive in the best possible way to conjoin our domestic duties with the responsibilities and challenges of a career! A woman is no more just a mother or wife tied to attending the needs of her mate or bringing up charming princes and queens in waiting! We have much more to achieve in life! We have to satisfy the inner urges for self expression, recognition and approval.....! No doubt a woman has to be a queen in every respect! A many faceted portrait of a woman! Wonderful write, Susan!

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Susan Williams 14 October 2016

You, my dear Valsa, are one of the most articulate people I have met on PH. I enjoy your intelligent and well thought out comments- they always let me know if I hit the mark or missed the target by a mile. Thank you very much for coming and reading me.

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Nosheen Irfan 14 October 2016

A very powerful write. You are speaking for every woman here. And it strikes a universal chord. Sitting here in my country i can absolutely relate to your words.You have articulated the dreams n lives of women very well. Kudos. This is going in my faves list. A10

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Susan Williams 14 October 2016

Thank you for letting me know it struck a universal chord. I wondered if cultural differences might make my poem sound like the utterings of a self-centered brat. I am very relieved that women everywhere yearn to be the best wives and mothers but at the same time to explore what they have to offer to life beyond their white picket fences. Thank you, Nosheen, for your encouragement. And for putting this poem on your fav list! ! ! And for the 10!

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Mj Lemon 10 October 2016

There's just so much going on here...praxis...where romanticism and realism intersect. So much to say, but not sure how.....There is something about this poem that reminds me of Kubla Khan. A stunning work, Susan....a perfect 10.

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Dr Dillip K Swain 16 July 2022

A fabulous poem... appreciated the fascinating expression dear poetess

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Bri Edwards 06 August 2021

I think a better ending would be [Be Careful What We Wish For] bri ;)

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Bri Edwards 06 August 2021

but, Susan, though the poem is not what i usually think of as a poem, I DID appreciate your words till the last line.

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Bri Edwards 06 August 2021

'hoist by our own petard' I had to Google this. And having done so, I feel you've chosen a 'phrase' both obscure and not conforming to the poem actually.

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Bri Edwards 06 August 2021

Re: 'hoist by/with (one's) own petard Injured, ruined, or defeated by one's own action, device, or plot that was intended to harm another; having fallen victim to one's own trap or schemes.' (cont.)

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