Find Me Poem by Susan Lacovara

Find Me

Rating: 5.0

While you're busied by the breaking day
Your stacked high schedule
To file away
In black and white
I'm in the gray
...find me...

As mounted moments steep and grow
Like crocus sleeps
Under the snow
With breath so quiet
Don't turn and go
...find me...

Where wooded paths are paved with leaves
Once umbrellas taken
From the trees
Alone, to stroll
But aimlessly
....find me...

If huddled in the rush of crowds
Smiles are masked
Pretentious shrouds
Dark has erased
Intentions, proud
...find me...

If evening dangles light of moon
To penetrate
The glaring gloom
Should cares chance to waltz
About your room
...find me...

Thursday, June 12, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: friendship
(06/12/14) rekindling fires
Rites Ghosh 12 June 2014

rhythm is your gesture, genuimely carved...poetry breaths freely where rhythm does not have to suffer coercion...I like your art. Rites Ghosh

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Richard Beevor 12 June 2014

Love the rhyme and flow of this poem, a lovely work Susan

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Mark Heathcote 12 June 2014

I enjoyed this write especially your last 3 lines.

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Phiwe Mbatha 13 June 2014

Amazing work! Thank you for sharing

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Saadat Tahir 14 June 2014

the end bit of each the poem a lovely texture... apart from the charm it adds to it an urgency and a focus, scarcely possible to escape the recurring refrain.... enjoyed reading it.... liked

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Pheko Motaung 22 June 2014

Thanks for the rhythm and the rhyme and all the fabulous little itzy-bitzy things in your wonderful poem!

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Guy Dimitri Jagodinski 18 June 2014

Great poem. Enjoyed reading. Nice sentiments on his we lose what we need to be really focused on.

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Oscar Robles 17 June 2014

Very good poem and structure. This is the same style as some of mine. Thank you for sharing.

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Noreen Carden 17 June 2014

Really beautiful Susan

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Francie Lynch 14 June 2014

Ah, a perfect rhythm, and whimsical.

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